EDELMAN, The CHERTOFF GROUP Announce strategic alliance

Chertoff Group Combination will offer integrated business strategy, risk management and communications solutions.

The Chertoff Group, a premier security and risk management advisory firm, and Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, today announced a strategic alliance to help companies grow and be secure in an ever-changing economy and dynamic threat environment.

Driven by a growing demand for integrated services to manage cyber threats and other risks, companies seek such counsel so they can prepare for, protect against and respond to the most complex challenges and also to clearly communicate their business value and meet specific business objectives.

Under the strategic alliance, Edelman will share its systematic approach to mitigate and manage communications around crisis and risk situations including data security and privacy incidents and communicate business value to position organizations for strategic growth.

The Chertoff Group, with a deep bench of experienced subject matter experts, will provide strategic business consulting, cyber security risk assessments and mitigation strategy. This combined offering will help ensure companies make the investments to monitor and manage real-world threats that, potentially, could disrupt business operations or damage a company’s brand and reputation.

“The principal risk many organizations face today is the failure to take proper steps to adequately identify potential threats and plan accordingly,” said Chad Sweet, CEO of The Chertoff Group. “Our goal is to help clients prevent a crisis from arising in the first place while taking the necessary steps that should an event occur, they are able to act promptly, communicate clearly with accurate information and maintain the trust of their stakeholders.”

“This alliance brings a deep and focused team to clients seeking a competitive advantage through a more integrated and actionable view of cybersecurity technology, policy, communications, and business and reputation strategy,” said David Chamberlin, head of Edelman’s Data Security and Privacy Group.

“We believe this alliance with The Chertoff Group will allow us to provide a best-in-class communication and business strategy offering for our clients from numerous industries,” said Ben Boyd, deputy chairman, Practices & Sectors, and global chair, Corporate Practice at Edelman. “We’re excited about the opportunity to move forward together based upon the work that we’ve already done for clients.”

Edelman and The Chertoff Group, among other specific services, will offer physical and cyber risk assessments; crisis-preparedness audits; detection, response and recovery plans and procedures; scenario planning and exercises; incident response protocols and planning; media training for spokespersons; and vendor risk management assessments.

With keen understanding of the technology and security market, they also will advise companies on business risk, growth, strategic advisory and financial transaction services, policy, technology and communications across myriad sectors, including financial services, energy, technology, health care and retail.

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