Edelman’s Words of a Generation: Vietnam Reveals a People

Last week Edelman’s representative office in Vietnam announced the release of Words of a Generation: Vietnam, part of an ongoing series of  films which show interviews of 10 people born in Vietnam in between 1975 and 1986. The so-called “Doi Moi” generation, the subjects are the first generation of citizens there born after the Vietnam War. The series focuses on how “Doi Moi” reforms back then affected this generation.


Courtesy Edelman APACMEA

Edelman’s Amanda Mooney, a senior manager and Words of a Generation creator, offered this comment via Edelman statement;

 “As an outsider, it was an important and rare opportunity to be invited into the homes of our participants. Hearing their stories, getting a chance to understand their past and present lives and talking over meals with their families, two things were very clear. First, as the first generation born in peace, their happiness is fragile. However, despite this, their determination is unwaveringly strong.”

This Edelman series approaches understanding from a human perspective rather than simply a consumerist viewpoint. Accordingly, the Edelman film series delves deeper into discovering the real people behind trends, societal problems, and commerce as well. The series has covered China, Singapore, Malaysia, and now Vietnam, and Indonesia and India are due up next. More insight on the series comes via Cornelia Kunze, Vice Chairman of Edelman Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa;

Edelman understands that every great campaign comes from deep insights. However, we almost always draw our insights about rapid economic development from headlines, statistics or data points, and we don’t get to feel what it was like to experience and live through it. By committing this series to video, we allow these insights to be seen and heard. We wanted to make the entire series available online so that anyone from any country can step into the personal words of people who feel deeply and strongly about what influences them, and how they can influence change themselves.

As for the Vietnam series, these insights reflect a bit on the generation brought up at the time of that country’s most impacting changes. The dynamic of change then has, accordingly, inspired greater ambition, education, and a symbiosis that has transformed Vietnam into the nation the world sees now.

Words of a Generation Vietnam: Dream from Edelman APACMEA on Vimeo.

The video above is but one in this series shot across 5 locations in Vietnam and featuring 10 participants in the study. For readers interested in learning more about the Words of a Generation programs, please visit the Words of a Generation site here.

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