Ellam Tam Became PR Newswire’s Services Representative in the Palestinian Territories


Aiming to make PR Newswire’s services available to local businesses from the Palestinian Territories, the global provider of electronic distribution, targeting, measurement and broadcast services for business news has signed a representation agreement with domestic strategic communications company Ellam Tam. Palestinian companies can now upgrade their news releases to worldwide distribution through PR Newswire and their targeted industry news channels.

PR Newswire’s strategy is a smart and fairly common one,  as doing business globally means being able to adapt your offerings to local demands and having a deep knowledge of specific markets. While investing huge amounts into massive research and in-depth studies is one way to go, partnering with local businesses who already have the know how global entities seek is the more sensible option.

“This agreement allows the Palestinian business community to benefit from the spread of services that PR Newswire provides in the area of electronic distribution and measurement services. Our company services thousands of corporate and government entities around the globe. We believe that our provision of PR Newswire services in Palestine is a tremendous opportunity for local enterprises, international businesses and aid agencies that are operating in Palestine to benefit from the many advantages of a professional global electronic media distribution network with an extensive network of regional and global news media,” said Lisa Ashworth, CEO PR Newswire Europe. “Our services will assist different business sectors in Palestine in efficiently targeting the appropriate media outlets across the globe – be it in Industry, ICT, Tourism, Trade, Real Estate, Banking, Finance, Telecommunications and NGOs.”

Kamel Husseini, Managing Partner of Ellam Tam, commented, “We are equally happy at Ellam Tam to be working with PR Newswire; this new relationship will complement our existing ability to distribute releases for the Palestine private sector locally with an additional ability to distribute local news globally via PR Newswire’s extensive network of global electronic media. Today, corporate Palestine can enjoy credible and assured access to both regional and global media via this specialized wire service. This association with PR Newswire will help spread the message of the business and professional service community of Palestine to the world via both the mainstream electronic and specialised industry media available through PR Newswire.”

Ellam Tam plans to introduce PR Newswire services to the businesses and organizations it currently works with, including the Palestinian business community, listed companies and business associations, as well as the international business community currently operating from Palestine.

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