Engineering Firm Seeking Marketing Agency

Engineering Firm Seeking Marketing Agency

EBH & Associates, P.A. (EBH), is a Civil Engineering firm employing 23 engineers, surveyors, and support staff in six office locations within the State of Kansas.  The company has issued a marketing RFP as they seek a marketing strategy that is informed by the firm’s history, areas of expertise, and targeted client profile.

For 65 years, the company mission has been to “Help Clients Prosper and Grow” by providing engineering services necessary to design, develop, and improve their municipal utility infrastructure. The company supports economic development with streetscape improvements for our client’s business district, and quality of life projects including playgrounds, multi-use trails and park design. The current business model focuses around municipal clients with populations ranging from 500 to 10,000. EBH leadership has recognized the need to formalize an approach to marketing, branding and client outreach.

Proposals are requested from marketing firms or consultants with experience in professional services brand development, and the creation of marketing strategies using traditional, internet and social media.

RFP scope is to select a professional marketing firm to:

  • Best practices for marketing Professional Engineering and Survey Services.
  • A business marketing strategy that fits EBH & Associates, P.A.
  • A marketing budget including cost estimates and purchase requirements
  • Marketing program launch and implementation timeframes
  • Performance measures for periodic evaluation of the new marketing strategy (capital investments, project creation, client base expansion, etc.)


The firm or consultant selected will be expected to provide an overall strategic marketing strategy including creative program execution, updates and communication with EBH’s Marketing Development Team, and ongoing account supervision through both phases of the project.

Key program elements will include:


Identifying best practices to direct the:

  1. Creation of a strong, memorable business brand related to services provided, company growth, client retention and attraction.
  2. Review (and possible redesign) of EBH’s website/webpage.
  3. Creation of a plan to use social media to expand EBH’s marketing outreach.
  4. Review (and possible redesign) of EBH’s printed brochure detailing services provided.
  5. Review (and possible redesign) of the format, content and publication of EBH’s printed Statement of Proposal and associated documents.
  6. Coordinate any new branding to work with our tradeshow display booth.
  7. Marketing strategies that place our client’s needs first and engages them in an educational and interactive exchange.
  8. Marketing Program outline and budget for the remainder of 2016.


  1. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote EBH and its new business brand.
  2. Provide periodic assessments of marketing strategy effectiveness in 2017 and recommendations for modifications, as needed, in subsequent years.
  3. Marketing Program outline and budget for 2018.

Proposal due by July 28 to:

Paul Stoner, Project Manager EBH & Associates, P.A (620) 325-5000

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