Event Management RFP Issued By Nova Scotia Business Incorporated

NSBI, with funding support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (“ACOA”), are seeking a proponent with a background in full-service event management, and recent experience with managing virtual conferencing platforms. The proponent will be expected to provide recommendations on proven virtual conferencing platforms that will be suitable for hosting a virtual conference for as many as 1,000 participants, for obtaining any licenses required for the selected platform, and for managing the platform for the duration of the initiative. The conference would take place over 1-2 days, tentatively planned for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020-21, with links to recorded content and resources available for a further ninety (90) days. It is expected that the conference will include at a minimum:

a) Webinars with keynote experts;

b) Business-to-business meetings via video chat (private);

c) Live Chat sessions; and

d) Links to online learning or other supporting resources.

NSBI and ACOA will designate a project lead (the “NSBI Project Lead”), to be the proponent’s primary contact throughout the duration of the project.

Scope of Work:

The specific responsibilities of the proponent include, but may not be limited to the following:

a) Research and provide recommendations on a suitable virtual conferencing platform that has the capability to provide, at a minimum:

i. ability to accommodate as many as 1,000 participants;

ii. combination of live and recorded webinars;

iii. offer “break-out” rooms;

iv. live chat features; v. business-to-business meeting scheduling;

vi. bilingual French and English translation;

vii. data analytics;

viii. quick links to external platforms (i.e. Zoom, YouTube, MS Teams, etc.); and

ix. clear disclaimers regarding privacy, data collection/retention policies.

b) Provide a facilitated session with NSBI and ACOA to walk through the pros/cons of proposed virtual conferencing platform(s), select the platform to be used for this conference, and provide a demonstration of how the platform will be used;

c) Obtain any required licenses for the selected virtual conferencing platform;

d) Manage the selected virtual conferencing platform; e) Lead the development of an event marketing plan in coordination with NSBI and ACOA (i.e. content development, coordination of media/paid advertising, etc.);

f) Provide coaching for speakers (i.e. training for the technical delivery, best practices on audio, clothing choice/backgrounds to ensure consistency across the event); and

g) Full production of the conference (i.e. cue live/recorded webinars; question and answer periods; tech support, etc. for a seamless execution) NSBI will be responsible for providing the successful proponent with any relevant existing research/documentation on target participant profiles, existing brand guidelines, summary reports for similar past events, etc. NSBI and ACOA will lead the design of the event, including overall themes, content and final decisions on speakers.

Due Date:

11/24/2020 @ 4:00 PM Atlantic Time



Agencies to consider for this assignment include Peppercomm and MWWPR.

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