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Columbia, Missouri, USA at The University of Missouri.

The University of Missouri has provided teaching, research and service to Missouri since 1839. It was the first publicly supported institution of higher education established in the Louisiana Purchase territory. Today, the University of Missouri is one of the nation’s largest higher education institutions with more than 73,000 students, 28,000 faculty and staff on four campuses, an extension program with activities in every county of the state, comprehensive distance learning services and an extensive health care network.

KCSourceLink was founded in 2003 to make entrepreneurship easier. Today, KCSourceLink is the connection to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kansas City region. With a network of 240+ business-building resources, KCSourceLink helps aspiring and existing business owners start, grow and accelerate businesses across the 18-county, bistate Kansas City region by providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with free, easy access to the right resources at the right time.

KCSourceLink offers The Resource Navigator®, an online, searchable directory of vetted resources; Kansas City’s most comprehensive business calendar; a website with entrepreneurial guides, how-to’s blogs and stories of local entrepreneurs; and a hotline for business support. A portion of KCSourceLink onsite team consists of web development, copywriter, copyeditor and photographer. KCSourceLink utilizes www.gewkc.org platform.

KCSourceLink also identifies gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and strategically works with partners to fill those gaps and strengthen support for businesses—all while measuring and reporting on the progress of the ecosystem and benchmarking Kansas City’s goal of becoming America’s most entrepreneurial city.

Beginning in 2008, KCSourceLink began leading the efforts for Global Entrepreneurship Week-Kansas City (GEWKC). What began as a request for a partner network to host key events and trainings during the same week each November, grew to a 13-day celebration in 2016. That year was a key turning point for KCSourceLink and GEWKC, feedback from event attendees was collected and used to begin formatting an intentional week of activities. Beginning in 2017, GEWKC began open-sourcing events from the community with the help of a volunteer team. Events were placed within specified tracks, events were structured to begin at specified times, allowing for travel and networking between events and the week, was indeed a week (Monday – Friday). Additionally, a large, centralized location was secured to help create density of activity and people from all walks of life. The entire week is free and open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and small business. See www.gewkc.org for more information.

Scope of Work:

The Curators of the University of Missouri on behalf of University of Missouri Kansas City, KCSourceLink are seeking an experienced event planner or event planning firm to manage the execution of its Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference. The successful candidate will be responsible for all planning and concept development; securing vendors, speakers and venues; event management logistics, including, but not limited to, day-of event coordination, budget management and implementation; and sponsorship support, including, but not limited to sponsorship packages and levels, securing funds and overseeing sponsorship relationships.

KCSourceLink is looking to improve the celebration to include more corporate involvement throughout the conference without losing the grass-roots feel of the conference. KCSourceLink anticipates a future increase in number of events and attendance during the conference. KCSourceLink is seeking an experienced event planner or event planning firm to plan and execute financially successful and well-attended events during the entrepreneurship and innovation conference.

KCSourceLink seeks an innovative event planner/firm to provide the following services:

                • General and financial management.

                • Development and management of event timelines and work plans.

                • Development and management of event budgets.

                • Assistance with vendor identification with a strong emphasis on obtaining and utilization of local vendors.

                • Negotiating and contracting with each vendor.

Event Marketing

Vendor will work in collaboration with the KCSourceLink marketing/communications team and provide the following:

                • Develop and implement a marketing and communication plan for the event.

                • Source and manage a creative team of graphic designers, printers, ad buyers, etc. Vendor will work in collaboration with KCSourceLink. Part of the KCSourceLink team consists of web development, copywriter, copyeditor and photographer. KCSourceLink also utilizes www.gewkc.org platform.

                • Ensure timely execution of all creative materials associated with the event. This includes: but is not limited to: invitations, letters, tickets, input into press kits and press materials, table signs, sponsor signage, advertising materials, etc.

                • Oversight of online event submissions and attendee registrations.

                • Solicit feedback from attendees, hosts, volunteers, sponsors and provide details to    KCSourceLink. Survey system will be provided by KCSourceLink.


                • Develop a sponsorship strategy to increase number of sponsors and sponsorship benefits.

                • Secure sponsorship funds for the event.

                • Provide contacts and necessary materials to secure sponsorship dollars.

                • Work with KCSourceLink team to secure necessary sponsorship dollars.

                • Track the fulfillment of sponsors’ benefits – logo inclusion, etc.

Event Management

                • Research and identify best length and time of year for the conference.

                • Identify venues, etc. to successfully execute all aspects of events.

                • Identify vendors with a strong emphasis on obtaining and utilization of local vendors.

                • Manage and coordinate general event logistics, such as, but not limited to, transportation, catering, venue coordination, contracts, production planning, staging, entertainment, floor plans, seating plans, décor, volunteers and staffing, technical equipment, presentations,     speakers, emcee, protocol management of guests and any other relevant tasks as required.

                • Ensure all applicable licenses and appropriate insurance coverage is acquired.

                • Create and execute volunteer duty program, meeting and training.

                • Vendor is required to develop and maintain a budget, secure sponsorship funding, track expenses, and provide oversight on vendor invoices.

                • Submit a post-event evaluation report with recommendations to KCSourceLink and review the report in-person or virtually with the KCSource Link team.

                • Collaborate with KCSourceLink and provide a method of planning for approval of director and marketing/communications team prior to initiation of planning of each event.

                • Provide weekly project update reports.

                • Serve as lead, on-site manager of conference.

                • Supervise all aspects of the event and manage the logistics and onsite supervision of the event – as mentioned in event management above.

Due Date:

October 30, 2019


Carla Gilzow

University of Missouri System Supply Chain

2910 LeMone Industrial Blvd

Columbia, Missouri 65201



Relevant agencies worth considering include Zeno Group and Ruder Finn.

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