Facebook’s Ad Network: Why It Might Beat Google’s Ads Starting Next Week

facebook ad network

For a very long time, Google’s AdWords has been the main contender of online ads due to the sheer volume of search engine users that utilize Google, but now Facebook is set to release a new ad network next week.

The most important change that the Facebook ad network promises to bring is an easier time for ad buyers when it comes to purchasing ad space. It promises to make it easier for marketers to understand how ads will appear, and what their effect will be on the users that see them.The other change that Facebook’s new ad network will bring is the ability to purchase on-demand ads in a way similar to how bidders currently can with Google AdWords. Combine this with Facebook’s acquisition of Atlas from Microsoft, and it’s easy to see that Facebook’s ad network promises to be a powerful contender to Google’s AdWords.

How is Facebook’s Ad Network Different?

The one thing that makes Facebook’s ad network revolutionary is that it’s set to be able to display the kind of ads that most buyers are familiar with, and ads that can be displayed offline regardless of the device. It theoretically can do all this without relying upon the conventional means that other ad networks utilize.

The idea behind Facebook’s ad network is that it could be used off the social networking website. Ads will then be displayed utilizing information about the user that is brought up by linking the user to their Facebook ID.

facebook advertising

This allows Atlas, the technology mentioned earlier, to create a powerful network capable of tracking users without the use of cookies or sessions. Facebook ads will be cross-platform and cross-device, which will further extend the reach of the ad network.

Couple this with the ability to display offline ads for mobile devices, and the potential power of this network is awe-inspiring.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Ad Buying and Tracking?

The implications that Facebook’s ad network brings are gigantic. Not only should ad buyers be able to significantly broaden their reach, but they will also be able to focus upon demographics and groups of people whom have the highest returns.

This is done by allowing ad buyers access to Facebook information, which includes details like age, gender, level of education, and Facebook Pages that the individual has liked.

The Facebook ad network holds the power to potentially revolutionize the way marketers purchase ads online. If the network works as promised, then it’s possible that marketers could be flocking to Facebook’s ad network after abandoning Google’s AdWords.

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