Facebook Claims to Have Mind-Blowing Statistics for Advertisers

facebook logoThe number one social network of the moment seems to have some aces down its sleeve that will convince advertisers to spend more and more on Facebook ad campaigns. As anyone probably knows, there are many debates around Facebook and the effectiveness of advertising on this network.

There are also many studies, some arguing that advertising on this social network is a good thing for business, some pointing that it is not so effective in relation to sales. Other studies reveal that marketers feel that having a page and being present on this network is a must, but that advertising isn’t.

Facebook seems to be focused on arguing that clicks aren’t the most suitable way to measure an advertising campaign and big brands should in fact direct their efforts toward more effective advertising techniques.

Less than 1% of in-store sales come from people that have clicked on an ad on Facebook, as revealed in a new study made by Facebook through a partnership with Datalogix.

“We ended up in this world where the click is king,” stated Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s head of measurement and insights.

Facebook tries to argue that through this partnership it can provide brands with real data on how many in-store sales ad campaigns on the social network really lead to. This is possible as Datalogix matches purchasing information from retail stores with Facebook ad impressions.

“Advertisers have been increasingly vocal about concerns regarding effectiveness of Facebook,” declared Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser. “Using the Datalogix tool, we’ll able to understand what that sweetspot is,” Smallwood said. He added that the social network will be able to control the number of impressions each ad has for users.

Let’s not forget, however, that ever since this partnership between Facebook and Datalogix was announced it raised some concerns over user’s privacy data. Yes, given the situation with its stock value, Facebook needs to prove that ad campaigns on this network are indeed worth advertisers’ efforts and their money. But we also have to consider the various third party applications/software or companies that have access to users’ personal data to make the ads more effective (a thing to consider especially now, since the recently launched Facebook Gifts in USA).

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