Facebook launches Interest Lists

2012-03-09 by EPR Staff

Famous social network Facebook announced that it introducing interest lists, thus enabling all of its users to better receive and organize information from fields of interest.

Using lists on Facebook is not a new thing. There already are lists for friends and people. What you can do now, it to use Facebook as a personalized newspaper. Different feeds will be sections on relevant topics for each user. According to the official announcement, “you can find traditional news sections like Business, Sports and Style or get much more personalized—like Tech News, NBA Players, and Art Critics”.

These lists are similar, in a way, to Paper.li (most used on Twitter) and, up to a point, to circles in Google+. The interest lists add new features for Facebook. There was already available an application that allowed people to read preferred publications on Facebook. Interest lists provide a good way of having all news sources in one place.

“Interests feature public figures and Pages related to a particular topic.” They are created by people using the network. The system is simple: top stories appear in the users news feed, so any user sees all new headlines and accesses only those of interest for more details.

Interest lists will be made available to anyone in the weeks to follow, and will be visible in the left-hand bookmarks. Anyone can opt to keep your list private, or to let others subscribe to it.

After the new timeline that divided Facebook users into fans and people disliking the new look, this feature is the most significant one. It is a good way of completing the network’s services, attracting people to spend more time in the network and, indirectly, win more money from the Facebook ads as they will be better targeted, relevant ads appearing in correlation with the topics.