5 Great Fashion Week Publicity Stunts

Fashion Week Public Relations
As New York Fashion Week is upon us (NYFW), Everything PR has pulled our favorite fashion moments of NYFW’s past. If you are working in Fashion PR, it’s essential you do your homework on past branding initiatives within your industry. Here’s five fun fashion moments consisting of great publicity stunts:

Paris Fashion - Zoolander 2 PR Stunt

Zoolander II in Paris Fashion Week

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appeared in their Blue Steele-styled characters from the new Zoolander II movie. They strutted down the catwalk at the Maison Valentino Show in Paris to announce the upcoming sequel to their 2001 comedy, Zoolander. The stunt continued on Instagram with them backstage with Anna Wintour, English Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, who was having a difficult time keeping in her own character.


Grazia London Fashion Week Stunt

Grazia at London Fashion Week

For several years, Grazia has been promoting their brand at London’s Fashion Week by using model-type ambassadors who are clothed and styled by Grazia to compliment that year’s show. The ambassadors hand out approximately 3,000 branded goody bags to various fashion show guests. Those 3,000 recipients usually share their experience with at least seven other fashion influencers either in person or online.

2015 New York Fashion Week Jenner

2015 New York Fashion Week Jenner

It’s style, it’s Fashion Week, could it really go by without a Jenner/Kardashian being part of the event? The answer, no. This year Kendall Jenner was signed to walk the catwalk at the Marc Jacobs show on the morning of the show. Jenner, who is tall and lanky (more like her father) rather than curvy like other famous females in her family appeared, like other models in the show with almost no eye makeup. But in her case, that didn’t seem to matter as she strutted her stuff, literally, for all to see. The top she wore in the show was a gold color, but did nothing to hide any part of Kendall’s torso.

Gold Toe Undershirt and Underwear New York Fashion Week

Gold Toe Undershirt and Underwear New York Fashion Week

Gold Toe undershirts or underwear (in special sizes) were placed on various statues throughout the city, including putting underwear on the famous bull of Wall Street. The guerilla PR stunt was captured on news, by fashion bloggers, and countless visitors to New York posting pictures about it to their social media accounts.

American Horror Story NYFW

American Horror Story hits New York Fashion Week

In a first for NY Fashion week, Jamie Brewer, an actress from American Horror Story hit the runway in a “Role Models Not Runway Models” fashion show. Brewer has Down’s Syndrome and is seen to be a role model worth promoting. If nothing else, it’s not easy to find something that hasn’t been done before during Fashion Week for PR.

Fashion week, no matter what city, is a big event and it’s all about presentation of products, designers, and causes, so we are certain you can think of a few PR stunts we missed. Tell us about your favorite Fashion PR moments from NYFW, of fashion week’s around the world in the comments below!

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