Getting Your Brand Featured at Industry Events

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Industry events are your opportunity to make a name for your company with the big wigs of your field. Sometimes the difference between being the best and everyone else happens by being a tenth of a percent better than the next person in line. That’s what you need to remember when you prepare for an industry event, do just a little bit more than the rest of the people and others notice the difference.

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Here are some specific ways you can start that process of being a featured brand at an industry event:

Do advance legwork.

Study the materials promoting the event. Who are the big names attending and find out what you can about those companies and CEOs? Contact people in advance and ask for a meeting with them at the conference. Send samples of your products or services they can try for free. Don’t become a stalker, but get the information you need to become memorable to the leaders. When you get to the event, check with the organizers to see if they are looking for keynote speakers for the next event, or find out what your company can do to make their jobs easier. If you know the people behind the scenes, and they like you – your future opportunities can become limitless.

Arrive early and be the last to leave.

Really this means make sure you use the time at the event to further your business and branding goals. People can be tempted to turn events into a party, but remaining focused on the long game yields greater results. If you have a booth, get there early enough to set up, so your booth becomes the star at the event. Load up with unique presentation items and know your products so well you never have to refer to notes. After you’ve set up, start meeting and talking to people, shake hands, network, give away some of your premiums and present yourself professionally at every turn.

Sponsor the event or VIP happenings at the event.

Get your company name, logo, brand information out there for everyone to see. Sponsor an after-hours party with a red carpet entrance where you can place a backdrop with your company name, pictures of your products, etc. When people have their pictures taken with your backdrop, they take your branding information back with them to their homes or offices. If you have a product that works well as a giveaway at a party, go all out and make sure everyone takes some of what you offer home with them. Better yet, they can try it while there and start placing orders before the event ends.

Unique integration of your brand into the event.

Do your part to present your brand in unique ways. You don’t want to give a keychain with your brand on it if every other company has keychains. Find something that relates to your product and go that extra mile to stand out in the sea of keychains with a dancing hula girl visor mirror. Make it fun, unique, and let it embody your brand in the process.

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