Five Memorable FIFA World Cup Commercials

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While the world raves about FIFA World Cup kick off, we thought about bringing you something else, something that many of us will forget when the games are over. Marketers and advertisers however will still keep an eye on the following, analyzing public response, sales, branding, short term and long term ROI, etc.

For many viewers, commercials are just fun to watch, but the purpose these are made for is obviously not entertainment. TV ads are a powerful brand enforcement tool. If they are brilliantly creative, their entertainment value is undebatable, and most importantly the ROI delivered is of important consideration. With ads, timing is a very important factor as well, and no one knows how to explore this better than the following five companies.

But before we let you enjoy five of the best commercials that run in different countries around the world this FIFA World Cup season, let me note that this is not a top.

These commercials are all brilliant, addressing different segments of the market. There is a lot to learn from these creative ideas, even for the online entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily advertise through video ads. The advertising concepts have a script behind them, a a market analysis, and their models could serve as inspiration four your future campaigns. So watch carefully…

While FIFA handles most Public Relations in house, they hired Weber Shandwick to work with them on the 2018 Russia World Cup.

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