Finding the Right Music Audience for Campaigns

Sheet Music Luke Lewis

New musicians can easily get lost in the crowd with over 60 thousand new songs being uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis. However, despite how oversaturated the entire music industry seems to be, most record labels are still creating over-the-top marketing campaigns for their top artists. Most of the time those big campaigns pay off, especially when when smaller campaigns end up turning smaller artists into bigger deals.

However, plenty of other up-and-coming artists never make e their break or show their true potential if they don’t reach the right audience at the right time. In those types of situations, many industry members end up confused because marketing budgets spent without real plans or goals. That’s why making marketing campaigns and correctly targeting them in the music industry is important, otherwise labels only end up wasting their marketing budgets.

When it comes to emerging musicians, social media platforms have created plenty of new marketing opportunities. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even Twitter have allowed musicians to target their audiences better and reach them faster. This is because most fans on social media tend to group together in small pockets, and they usually appear in the form of fan pages for artists.

One of the key mistakes that many artists make when marketing their music is looking to find a specific audience who will enjoy their sound. However, instead of trying to figure out what type of song they should be releasing and what would fit best with the target audience, they should instead be familiar with the target audience in the first place.

Target Audience

The music industry is already oversaturated, which means musicians have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s important for artists to create music that will appeal to a specific target audience instead of forcing the audience to enjoy a particular song. In order to sell music or even create a fanbase, artists should become familiar with the people they’re trying to win over as fans.


It’s not just the music that’s important when marketing music to audiences, as consumers are looking more into the person behind the music more than ever. That means artists should be developing a personal brand that includes the way that they present themselves to the audience, the way they look, and even the music videos they create for their songs.

Creating Content

When creating content, especially for social media platforms, artists should be researching the types of topics that already appeal to the target audience, and incorporating that information into their content. Whether it’s in the form of social media posts or music videos, it’s important for the target audience to positively respond and connect with the content .

For example, if the target audience is greatly interested or passionate about gaming, incorporating elements from that into social media posts or even a brief scene of someone playing a video game inside a music video can get the artist positive results.

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