Franklin County Issues Digital RFP

Franklin County Issues Digital RFP

The FRANKLIN County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to perform web services for the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.


Franklin County is located in Florida’s Northwestern Panhandle approximately 80 miles southwest of the State capitol, Tallahassee. The county is comprised of 545 square miles and 348,800 acres. Franklin County serves more than 11,000 residents. The County is governed by the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners. The Commission, which is the legislative branch of government, serves as the county governing board for the residents of the unincorporated areas. Franklin County is governed by the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners. Franklin County is divided into five districts. One County Commissioner is elected from each district. Each Commissioner serves a four year term. Commissioners are chosen in a partisan election by voters from the district in which the commission candidate lives.

Scope of Work:

The provider shall provide the following:

  1. Provide internet marketing services to Franklin County Tourist Development Council (“TDC”)
  2. Attendance at Meetings: Attend monthly TDC and marketing committee meetings and give status reports on the progress of internet marketing activities and working projects, provide prior month’s website visitor summary reports at committee meetings, and a minimum of six Marketing Vendor Planning meetings annually.
  3. Website Maintenance – adding/deleting/editing general text, events, board meeting minutes & agendas, notices, newsletters, list data and photos on current website.
  4. Website Accommodation Company Database – adding/deleting/editing accommodation companies’ information and special offers as provided by staff or accommodation   companies.
  5. Additional Website Pages – development of additional pages to be part of current website.
  6. Enhanced Tracking – Collaborate with staff and vendors to provide unique URL creation for all advertising sources for enhanced tracking. Provide quick response codes as needed. Provide detailed reporting on unique URLs for enhanced tracking upon request.
  7. Organic Search Engine Optimization – provide organic search engine optimization on current website.
  8. Email Newsletter – design and development of new email newsletter stationary as   needed. Provide technical support for newsletter database to staff.
  9. Web Statistic Reporting – provide website visitor summary reports to board and staff as requested. Provide unique URLs for advertising to track effectiveness.
  10. Social Media Management – With input from staff and board, create a social media marketing strategy plan that integrates into overall marketing plan. Provide a minimum of 20 hours a month of professional execution of the social media strategy plan.
  11. Paid Internet Advertising Campaigns – Manage the purchase of internet advertising on all designated platforms in amounts established and from time to time modified by the TDC Board. Paid internet advertising campaigns will include, but are not limited to, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  12. New Web Site Development – design, implement and periodically update web site as requested by the TDC Board
  13. Online Survey – Create and conduct such online surveys as may be from time to time requested by the TDC to include: Setup and management of online survey software.
  14. Platform Proficiency in the use of the “Word Press” platform.
  15. Such other web services as required by the TDC and approved by Franklin County.

Due Date:

July 2nd


Clerk of Circuit Court, Attn. Lori Hines

33 Market Street, Suite 203

Apalachicola, Florida 32320

Possible agencies for this assignment could include MWWPR or Ruder Finn.

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