Georgia County Seeks Branding Agency

Georgia County Seeks Branding Agency

Clayton County, Georgia seeks a branding agency to provide a brand assessment, create a brand identity, develop a brand strategy and messaging to implement on all County levels identified.

That assignment includes:

n  To create mission, messaging and branding statements that will shape current and future communication efforts

n  To identify and promote what makes Clayton County distinct and appealing in a regionally competitive environment for investors, businesses, retailers, visitors and residents.

n  To promote a healthy economy, attract private investment, new residents and young professionals, and retain key businesses.

n  To develop a brand that is flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of a variety of departments and municipal functions within the County as well as groups and businesses within the overall brand.

n  To implement a brand that is authentic and resonates with citizens, businesses, and community groups within the County and throughout the region in order to gain the broadest possible support for the initiatives.


  1. Phase I – Research/Positioning/Discovery
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness and alignment of the County’s current brand, including but not limited to the logo;
  3. Conduct an audit of all existing materials (collateral, letters, memos, website etc.). This will include a review of other counties in the immediate metropolitan Atlanta area with similar demographics, population etc;
  4. Determine what groups will be involved in the research stage and how to engage them in the research process;
  5. Determine what information should be included as part of the research phase;
  6. Develop a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for the County’s review;
  7. Develop a brand platform for the County, including positioning, personality, promise, differentiation, and value proposition.
  8. Develop a comprehensive brand strategy (including brand architecture) for a multi-faceted brand that addresses relationships between brands, naming conventions, and service/program brand groupings.
  1. Phase II – Establishing and Creating the Visual Identity
  2. Create the brand identity including naming, logo, design, brand identity standards/guidelines/systems;
  3. Develop a strategy to gain organizational consensus for the brand’s position determining:
  4. How the County implements the brand into all its daily processes;
  1. Phase III – External/Internal Marketing Communications Plan
  2. Develop a strategy for marketing the new brand via various strategies, including but not limited to public relations activities, marketing strategies, online/social media strategies, advertising, collateral materials, etc.

Proposal due by September 25th to:

7994 North McDonough Street

Jonesboro, GA 30236

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