Getting More Clients Through Marketing

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Companies that are looking to get ahead in a crowded market have to constantly work on keeping up with consumer needs and demands, along with the latest marketing trends and tools. To execute effective marketing strategies and grow a business, companies, especially those that work in competitive niches, such as real estate, have to work at getting and retaining the attention of the target audience.

Building a Brand

Real estate is a sales-driven industry, which is why plenty of real estate brokers and agencies tend to focus on quick sales and other types of quick wins, such as scoring leads from websites that show listings to consumers. However, when an agency is able to think about these types of sales long-term, and generally about the agency itself, it leads to better investments.

That means it’s a lot more valuable for companies to build their brands and have consumers come to the company, instead of constantly looking to get more new consumers. This means that companies can greatly benefit from branding themselves. However, not everyone understands the full scope of that term, which doesn’t simply entail creating a company logo and using a certain color palette. Building a brand also means developing the company’s voice, writing, messaging, and a lot more.

The way a brand presents itself also determines the look and feel of the company’s website, printed marketing materials, ads, and if a brand is well developed, consumers only need to glimpse at the logo to know what the brand offers. Additionally, at every point they get in touch with the company, they’ll grow more familiar, establish a stronger relationship, and become a lot more likely to make a purchase.

Blogging and Thought Leadership

These days, plenty of people have become wary of the thousands of ads they see on their social platforms every day. In fact, about 30% of all consumers these days actually prefer using ad blockers, which means they don’t even encounter ads in the first place, as they can be quite invasive.

However, there’s a better way that companies can reach their consumers, and that’s through valuable and creative content. Research has shown that consumers tend to view up to 5 different pieces of content from a company, before deciding whether to make a purchase from that brand. This means companies, especially those in the real estate industry, should be demonstrating the way they’re able to bring value to their consumers through content.

Between blogging and guest contributed articles, and even podcasts and interviews, companies can do plenty to get the attention of the consumers through valuable pieces of content. These types of content are great opportunities for real estate agencies to showcase their expertise and give information to the target audience about the industry or even their interests that is informative to them.

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