Green technology to avoid climate catastrophe


Climate catastrophes could be anything from droughts to the rise of sea levels. This requires sustainable innovation, some instances of which are battery-powered vehicles and using wind energy to move boats. All sectors are moving towards a trend of environmentalism. Green technology is any technology that decreases the negative effects of human activity on the environment.

Planet-saving innovations

The US is on its path to ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions. The focus is on energy efficiency and preserving forests. There are businesses which are making a positive impact on the world and their priority is  the environment. They are developing technologies that are helping them to move towards ‘net zero’. Given below are some private companies that are using green technologies and are giving us hope for the future of our planet.

Sierra energy

Sierra Energy is based in Davis, California. The company is using the process of gasification to convert trash into clean energy. Gasification is the process by which organic waste, which means any waste containing carbon  is vaporized and turned into fuel. Burning the waste is not a part of the process. The system Sierra uses is called FastOx, which involves feeding garbage into the top of a chamber. The chamber has the appearance of a closet-sized lava lamp. Oxygen and steam is injected into the base of the vessel, which increases the speed of chemical reactions in the garbage.This produces a lot of heat and decreases the amount of external power needed for the process to continue. As the waste keeps on getting more heated, it produces syngas. Syngas, which is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide vapors can be used as fuel. If waste is gasified, it will lead to a negative carbon footprint.


Twelve, based in Berkeley, California, aims to build a fossil-free future. Twelve was launched by Etosha Cave, Nicholas Flanders, and Kendra Kuhl who developed a device called a reactor. Water, electricity, and carbon dioxide are pumped into the reactor where catalysts break it up into carbon monoxide, oxygen, and hydrogen. Another set of catalysts combine those substances into organic compounds which companies can buy. The company has created its own catalyst, which is called leaf, after leaves which convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during the process of photosynthesis.  In 2021, the company acquired $57 million in funds.


X-energy is a company that is redefining nuclear energy. The company wants to reinvent nuclear power and produce nuclear energy. The company is producing fuel with the help of fuel balls. It could be a way to solve the nuclear waste problem. Gas-cooled reactors would be used which would produce 80 megawatts of electricity. The high-temperature reactors would be effective substitutes for coal.

Solidia technologies

Richard Riman came upon the idea that he could use carbon dioxide to produce concrete which could reduce harmful emissions. He developed a process, which while manufacturing concrete, leads to decarbonization. This process helps to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by 60%. This low-carbon manufacturing technology will be adopted by companies soon.

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