STATE OF HAWAII Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

DUE DATE: 4:00 PM (HST) ON MAY 26, 2023




A. DBEDT is Hawai‘i’s resource center for economic and statistical data, business development opportunities, energy and conservation information, and foreign trade advantages. DBEDT’s mission is to achieve a Hawai‘i economy that embraces innovation and is globally competitive, dynamic and productive, providing opportunities for all Hawai‘i’s citizens. Through its attached agencies, the department fosters planned community development, creates affordable workforce housing units in high-quality living environments, and promotes innovation-sector job growth.

DBEDT is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide Public Relations, Communications & Outreach Services for the Director’s Office and its core divisions (Business Development & Support Division, Foreign Trade Zone Division, Creative Industries Division, Research & Economic Analysis Division, Small Business Regulatory Review Board, and Hawai‘i Broadband & Digital Equity Office).

B. Work on the scope shall commence upon the full execution of a contract between the successful Offeror and DBEDT.


Under the supervision of, and in collaboration with DBEDT, the successful Offeror shall provide DBEDT with the following services:

1. Agency Media:

• Assist the DBEDT Director’s Office with creating and maintaining a communications plan. Support DBEDT with communications including, but not limited to, drafting talking points, responding to media requests, drafting and distributing press releases and e-newsletters, developing pitches, providing outreach to lawmakers, and copyediting in AP style. Assist with maintaining and updating DBEDT’s email   list in Constant Contact or a similar program.

• Assist the DBEDT Director’s Office with creating and maintaining a social media services plan and updating DBEDT’s social media accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the posting of photos and videos of programs, along with industry events and workshops sponsored by DBEDT. Social media platforms to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

• Provide ongoing counsel to DBEDT on public relations issues relating to economic development and Hawai‘i. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring the media, business industry, government, and community on all matters that may impact the Director’s Office and DBEDT’s core divisions.

• Attend and participate in weekly in-person meetings. Additional meetings may be virtual or as determined between DBEDT and Contractor.

• Submit a monthly progress report describing the status of all work completed in the preceding month, including a summary of resulting analytics.

• Submit a final report to cover each contract year describing all work completed, a summary of resulting analytics, and an evaluation of the Contractor’s efforts in meeting the requirements of the contract.

2. General Communications – Reports and Events:

• Review and edit DBEDT’s Annual Report before submission to the Hawai‘i State Legislature.

• Provide support for DBEDT’s industry events. This includes, but is not limited to, sending save-the-dates and registration information, drafting remarks, and helping to respond to media requests.

3. Crisis Communications:

• Serve as a resource to DBEDT during natural disasters, health-related crises, business interruptions, and other emergencies. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in emergency crisis conference calls, training exercises, updating DBEDT’s social media accounts, distributing press releases, helping with internal communications, and communicating with stakeholders as needed.


Serve as the lead on the creation and implementation of the Department’s communications plan including the prioritization of needs; oversee the development, production, editing and distribution of informational and educational materials; review and approve public outreach materials; and review the resulting analytics and effectiveness of activities.

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