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The intention of this Harris County Request for Proposal (RFP) is solicit offers from qualified vendors for a term contract for market research, content creation, execution and evaluation of a comprehensive media marketing and rebranding of Harris County Resources for Children and Adults (HCRCA) for one (1) year beginning approximately August 1, 2021.

HCRCA (the new name of Harris County Protective Services of Children and Adluts) was founded in 1966 as Harris County Child Welfare to provide support services for the children taken under the wing of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Fifty (50) years later, HCRCA still provides this support. However, the now-county department has expanded services for early prevention, intervention and adult services. We take pride in our Council on Accreditation (COA) certification, which reviews and certifies that our programs meet stringent best practice standards.

The vision statement: To better the lives of children and adults in Harris County.

The mission statement: To support, enhance and advocate for the safety and well-being of children and adults in Harris County.

The core values: HELP · EXCELLENCE · ACCOUNTABILITY · RESPECT · TEAMWORK We HELP restore and transform lives. We strive for EXCELLENCE in carrying out our mission. We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to our clients, our community and each other. We show RESPECT for the dignity and worth of every person. We promote TEAMWORK by building trusting relationships.

Each year, HCRCA provides services to support more than 29,000 abused and neglected children who are in the care and custody of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Many of these services are offered through contracts with DFPS. Services for abused and neglected children include but not limited to the following:

· Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health,

· Child and Parent Assessments,

· Permanency Planning,

· Basic Necessities,

· Transitional Services for Current and Former Foster Youth,

HCRCA Youth Services Division offers free and voluntary programs to youth experiencing crises and their families. Many of these services are voluntary and equip families with the tools for better communication and problem solving. The goal is to strengthen families and divert youth from involvement with child welfare, mental health or juvenile justice systems. Services for at-risk youth include but not limited to the following:

· Free School and Community Based Programs,

· Crisis Intervention,

· Diversion Programs,

· Parent/Child Conflict Resolution,

· Temporary Emergency Shelter,

· Mental Health Services, · Truancy Prevention,

· 24-Hour Crisis/Intake Hotline,

Through the Adult Services Division, HCRCA provides services to indigent and incapacitated adults living in Harris County who need assistance to manage their affairs. This determination is made either through the Harris County Probate Court System or through a voluntary program. Services for seniors and disabled adults include but not limited to the following:

· Financial Management

· Guardianship Services for Incapacitated Adults

· Multidisciplinary Services for Senior Victims of Crime


The project deliverable will be a comprehensive branding and strategic marketing plan that HCRCA can implement to increase and enhance awareness of the programs and services of HCRCA.

The challenge is to create branding, positioning and marketing strategies that systematically and broadly create awareness of the unique strengths and assets of the HCRCA and overcome brand confusion and outdated assumptions and perceptions of HCRCA. The branding and marketing plan will provide clear and consistent messaging to educate the general public, current and potential clients, government representatives and the media as to how the organization provides high-quality services to abused and neglected children, at-risk youth and seniors and disable adults.

HCRCA will be the sole owner of all approved designs and content for their use.

Review and Planning

The vendor shall lead all aspects of HCRCA community branding initiative, including:

a. Being a part of the agency team composed of board of directors, staff and identified partners; b. Reviewing previous studies conducted by HCRCA to help implement strategies for the brand image and marketing campaign;

c. Analysis of current efforts and existing creative elements such as logos, tag lines and creative designs;

d. Market research in to best practices for community outreach and recognition;

Strategic Approach

The vendor shall develop strategic objectives that will include implementation, management and ongoing promotion of the brand to include:

a. Promotion of the use of the brand among businesses and agencies in the community;

b. Maintenance and consistency of brand image and messaging among target audiences;

c. Recommendation and development of ways to articulate the brand and how to better promote brand awareness;

Development of Brand to include

a. Design concepts, logos, messages, taglines etc.

b. Design and develop a toolkit of products, resources, and collateral materials for free use by local broadcast stations, stakeholders, elected officials, etc.,

c. Design and develop robust social media campaign across multiple platforms, including suggested posts, graphics, video,

d. Perform analytics to determine effectiveness.

e. Develop digital and traditional/broadcast advertising assets in formats specific to those platforms, including outdoor advertising, etc.

f. The selected logo design will be delivered with a style manual, templates for design print and digital and guidelines for use in the following;

i. Print and electronic advertising;

ii. Website design, templates for HCRCA online content

i.e. newsletters, news and updates;

iii. Media placement plan;

iv. Public relations community and media;

v. Outdoor signage and brand recognition;

g. Perform analytics to determine effectiveness.

Earned Media

a. Support HCRCA where required by drafting press releases and supporting existing efforts to engage news media outlets to generate positive coverage about HCRCA ,

b. Provide logistical support for earned media events, to include press conferences, media interviews, etc. when needed,

c. Identify success stories to highlight campaign effectiveness for county earned media outreach efforts, d. Track performance metrics and provide timely summaries of earned media coverage and social media trends.


Monday June 14th 2021

No later than 2:00 local time in Houston, Texas

Agencies include Edelman pr and MWWPR.

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