Harrisburg Housing Authority Marketing and Advertising Services

DUE DATE: Friday, June 23, 2023 at 12:00 pm (noon).


The HHA is a nonprofit quasi-governmental entity originally created by the City of Harrisburg for the acquisition, development, modernization, operation, and administration of public housing programs. The primary purpose of HHA is to provide safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing to the elderly and low-income families in the City and to operate housing programs in accordance with Federal, State and Local legislation.

The HHA currently owns and/or manages approximately 1,640 low-Income Public Housing units and administers nearly 1,200 Housing Choice Program vouchers.

Scope of Services and Key Deliverables

The selected firm shall provide comprehensive marketing services, including:

• Marketing Strategy Development: Craft a comprehensive marketing plan integrating online and offline promotional strategies. Deliverable: A detailed marketing plan including strategy, target audience analysis, and a timeline of promotional activities.

• Creative Asset Production: Generate a variety of creative assets, such as sizzle videos, social media posts, and promotional flyers. Deliverable: At least three sizzle videos (30 seconds to 2 minutes each), content for social media campaigns (minimum 20 posts for both Instagram and Facebook), and design files for flyers, signs, banners, step & repeat, and T-shirts.

• Paid Advertising Management: Implement paid advertising campaigns across social media and other appropriate platforms. Deliverable: A report documenting the planning, execution, and performance metrics of the paid advertising campaigns.

• Website and Social Media Management: Update and manage the festival website and social media platforms with timely event information. Deliverable: A fully updated website and consistent posts on social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) during the six-week campaign.

• Earned Media Interviews: Facilitate TV, print, and radio interviews, positioning the event as a fantastic story. Deliverable: Documentation of confirmed media interviews and a summary report after each interview.

• Press Conference Organization: Organize a press conference to announce event details.

Deliverable: A successfully held press conference, documented with a summary report and media clips where available.

• Client Interaction: Include at least 20 client calls or meetings within the campaign timeline to discuss updates, revisions, and necessary adjustments.

• Revision Management: Provide up to 20 revisions across all deliverables to ensure client satisfaction.

Budget and Terms

The total budget for these services is $40,000. This budget includes ad/copy, printing, PR, media planning/buying, email marketing, and meetings with festival organizers. Note that we do not pay billable hours or retainer fees.

All work created under this agreement, including creative assets, raw video footage, and work drafts, will become the property of the Harrisburg Housing Authority and can be used at our discretion in perpetuity.


The selected firm will have six weeks, from July 1, 2023, to August 10, 2023, to complete the scope of work.

Evaluation Criteria

HHA will evaluate proposals based on the following:

• Creativity: The firm’s capacity to produce creative and engaging assets.

• Effectiveness: The firm’s ability to develop successful marketing campaigns to reach a broad audience and generate event interest.

• Timeliness: The firm can complete all deliverables on time and within budget.

Quotation Submission

Please submit your proposal via Housing Agency Marketplace no later than June 23, 2023, including the


• Cover Letter: Detailing your firm’s experience with event marketing and advertising.

• Marketing Plan: A proposed online and offline event promotion plan.

• Portfolio: Examples of past creative work.

• Rates: A comprehensive breakdown of rates for the services outlined in this scope of work.

• Vendor Information Form

• HUD Forms:

o HUD5369-A

o HUD50071



For any questions regarding this RFQ, please contact Lori Shope via Housing Agency Marketplace. We

look forward to your submission and subsequent collaboration. Please provide all communication in



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