Media Relations RFP Issued By Texas Parks and Wildlife

2020-05-27 by EPR Staff
Media Relations RFP Issued By Texas Parks and Wildlife
Media Relations RFP Issued By Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is soliciting bids for PR Agency to provide marketing and media relations services. 

TPWD plans to award a contract for E-mail Marketing and Media Affiliate Relations agency. The Marketing purpose of this position is to provide email marketing services. This position is responsible for the day-to-day, hands-on execution of email marketing programs. This includes ownership of the writing, setup, deployment, and review of reoccurring and stand- alone email communications.

The Media Relations purpose of this position is to provide affiliate relations and social media support. This position will research and develop new media affiliates, maintain existing affiliate relationships, and work to expand the reach of the Texas Parks & Wildlife television series, and work to expand the reach of the agency’s podcast.

Contractor shall provide email marketing services, media affiliate relations outreach, research, and promotions, and social media support for the Communications Division. 

Tasks to be performed include (but are not limited to):

6.1.1. Write, edit, build and send the State Parks Getaways, Our Wild Texas, Fish Texas and Hunt Texas e-newsletters and email blasts on a variety of topics; 

6.1.2. Create and maintain email production schedule; 

6.1.3. Implement and track A/B tests on factors such as subject lines, creative variations and timing to improve email efficiency; 

6.1.4. Troubleshoot technical issues related to HTML templates, list segmentation and other aspects of email execution, as required; 

6.1.5. Monitor and report on performance of email communications; 

6.1.6. Track trends and evaluate analytic data and make recommendations on ways to improve efficacy of email marketing efforts; 

6.1.7. Facilitate cross-promotion of email communication content through other communication channels such as web and social media; 

6.1.8. Develop and maintain relationships with email service provider to troubleshoot problems and improve email efforts; 

6.1.9. Working with the email communications team, provide strategic direction for agency-wide email communications efforts; 

6.1.10. Develop and implement strategies and processes for growing and managing over 30 public email lists; 

6.1.11. Upload new email subscribers; 

6.1.12. Work cross-divisionally to develop, gain consensus for and implement plans to collect email addresses from key constituents (State Park Users, License Holders, Magazine Subscribers, etc.); 

6.1.13. Assist with training and consulting staff in other groups and divisions on email communications best practices and use of the email service provider;

6.1.14. Stay informed of and recommends best practices for email marketing; 

6.1.15. Manage e-newsletter advertising inventory; 

6.1.16. Fulfill sponsorship and advertising commitments related to email communications; and 

6.1.17. Provide vendor management as needed. 

6.2. Approximately ten (10) hours/week will be spent on services for Media Productions branch, including affiliate relations outreach, research, promotions, expanding the reach of the media products, and social media support: Position will create and implement strategies, taking initiative to: 

6.2.1. Research and recruit PBS and other television and cable affiliates for Texas Parks & Wildlife television series; 

6.2.2. Maintain ongoing relationships with TV, cable, radio and other media affiliate primary contacts; 

6.2.3. Research and implement non-traditional outlets for the TV and podcast series, such as PBS’s COVE, podcasting, OTT; 

6.2.4. Measure expansion results using marketing analytics, including outside audits; 

6.2.5. Conduct media surveys by telephone and email; 

6.2.6. Research and predict media/communication trends and analyze their appropriateness for our products; 

6.2.7. Adjust expansion strategy according to analytics, research and surveys; 

6.2.8. Create promotional concepts and material for direct-mail expansion campaigns; 

6.2.9 Manage television, and podcast social media, coordinating with other TPWD outlets; 

6.2.10. Write reports based on research and present findings to individuals and groups;

6.2.11. Assist with writing Audit Reports; 

6.2.12. Maintain detailed records of research, data, contacts and creative ideas and reports. 

6.3. Position may also assist with: 

6.3.1. Growing our social media accounts by identifying “influencers” and developing strategies for connecting with them; 

6.3.2. Developing and implementing social media campaigns; 

6.3.3. Other media related duties as assigned.

Due Date:

June 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM CT


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Purchasing and Contracting C-1 4200 Smith School Road Austin, Texas 78744

Relevant agencies worth considering include Zeno group and Finn Partners