Henrico, Virginia Issues Market Research RFP

Henrico, Virginia Issues Market Research RFP

The county of Henrico, Virginia is seeking to hire a market research firm.

The proposed services will involve conducting a survey of Henrico County residents.  The survey should determine the best methods to inform County citizens of County programs, policies and issues, and should determine satisfaction with the level and delivery of various County services.  The survey will be directed by the County Manager’s Public Relations Team.

Henrico County is a sprawling community of 330,000 surrounding the City of Richmond on three sides and encompassing 244 square miles.  The County is widely acclaimed for its national awards and fiscal responsibility.  It has been rightly hailed for years as “One of the Best-Run Counties in America.”

The survey results will be incorporated into a communication plan for the County by building measurable objectives into our program during the planning stage.  By using the results to assist in constructing a community-based plan to design and delivery communications to Henrico citizens.  The County will have a good benchmark to periodically measure the attainment of communications objectives.  The County is looking for preferred methods of keeping citizens informed regarding County activities and policies, as well as measuring their response to a variety of current issues and their satisfaction with the level and delivery of various County services.


General Requirements:

  1. The Successful Offeror will work with input from a subcommittee of the PR Team to:
  • formulate the survey instrument – a consumer telephone survey
  • develop a statistically representative random sample of the Henrico adult population by utilizing a sample size of 500 in each magisterial district.
    • Brookland
    • Fairfield
    • Three Chopt
    • Tuckahoe
    • Varina
  • advise how to construct an instrument that will result in answers that can be used as outlined above
  • review the survey and provide recommendations for improvement to the subcommittee
  • conduct the survey between January and March 2017
  • prepare a written report to include as a minimum:
    • an overall analysis
    • analysis provided by magisterial districts
  • make an oral presentation to the PR Team
  1. The Successful Offeror shall consult with County personnel, primarily the Director of Public Relations & Media Services, to establish a benchmark for measuring communication objectives in a survey, which may be replicated annually or biennially.
  2. The Successful Offeror shall provide the scripting, instrument design, field work, data entry of all survey questions, data entry accuracy verification, tabulation, pre and post testing, a complete written summary report which includes statistical analysis of the results of the telephone survey.

Proposal due by December 12, 2016 to:

Department of Finance
Purchasing Division
P O Box 90775
Henrico, Virginia 23273-0775

Padilla CRT is a major Virginia based PR firm.

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