Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong Launches New Annual Award

The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK) launched today the ‘Double Happiness’ Awards, a new annual award recognizing in-house public relations professionals in Hong Kong.

All in-house PR professionals in Hong Kong can enter the competition, and the nomination for the awards can be submitted either directly by them, or by agencies representing them. The competition has five distinct award categories: Industry leader’s award, Middle Manager’s award and three awards for the private sector, NGOs and government sectors.

The jury of these awards consists of representatives of the CPRFHK, as well of members of the academic and media sectors. Each member will assess the entries based on some very clear criteria including, amongst others, comprehensive agency briefing; clear agency communications and feedback; accessibility to key decision makers; recognition of the value of strategic thinking; clear approval processes; defined measurement and recognition of the value of agency work contributions.

The candidates that make it to the shot list category will be interviewed by the judging panel.

“As Hong Kong continues its dramatic expansion as a regional leader in Asia, so the local public relations industry continues to grow and expand at a concurrent rate,” declared Dr. Simeon Mellalieu, Chairman of the CPRFHK. “The Council believes that encouraging public relations best practice is the responsibility of both agency professionals and the clients they serve.”

“The ‘Double Happiness’ Awards recognise and foster the view that the best public relations work occurs when there is a mutual respect and appreciation between agencies and their clients and a real partnership approach,” he added.

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