How has PR changed in 2020

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In 2020, trends included AI, live streaming, unique/niche targeting, and even big data integrations. They haven’t faded, but the focus on use has drastically changed.

Brands have started using the online world more and more. For example, using influencers, social media, targeted content, and even self-publishing platforms. Top players or influences within the brand have started using live streaming as the main source of getting in front of the audience.

Big data and AI have been the go-to for brands promoting over social media, targeted content, or even predict consumer future needs to properly reach the targeted audiences/consumers.

PR relations are well aware of these quickly changing times and have kicked into high gear to help brands in the right direction for the future.

Work from Home and Covid 19

Public relation agencies have adjusted to working from home and providing a more interactive online experience for the consumer. This pandemic has brands to change strategies, budgets, and goals towards a more online world; therefore, PR professionals play an important role.

Always have a crisis plan in place that will help in PR emergencies. This plan should include how to deal with pandemics in the future. We can take this as a learning opportunity so if a pandemic takes place again, there is the experience to deal with the crisis.

Recession and Layoffs

The pandemic has brought many layoffs, and public relations are not in the safe zone either. With travel and meetings no longer taking place, shutting down and even hotels, bars, restaurants closing down due to the economy being hit hard.

They don’t think that they can survive the recession, but most PR and advertising agencies disagree. These companies are urging businesses to not reduce PR, marketing budgets and calm down. Brands that can maintain a budget will thrive over other companies packing up and always set up for long term growth even in tough times. Recovery will always take time, but research shows that investing in Pr and marketing during a recession can immensely help a company.

Inclusion and Diversity Sensitivities

Now more than ever, as the world is changing, consumers are demanding more diversity in brands’ promotional efforts and ads. As a response, PR agencies create a more multicultural approach not just with advertising but within the company itself. It is no longer an option to have this within a company; it is mandatory as our society becomes more multicultural.

As of 2020, the ethnic makeup of the PR companies in the United States was 88% caucasian, 8.3% African-American, 2.6% Asian-American, and 5.7% Hispanic-American. This is why it is very important to change within the company before advocating for change, among others. Having these diverse insights and experiences can lead to a more sensitive public relations program and campaigns.

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