2021 Public Relations Predictions

2021 Predictions

Spoke to some Public Relations and marketing experts for 2021 predictions on whats to come.

Here are what experts told us:

Susan Thompson of TopCasinobonus.com told us “In 2021, Sponsored content will become more essential and useful for the PR program. Publishers spend a great deal of time searching and understanding their vertical audience to prepare annual editorial calendars. They do this as a way to woo advertisers and marketing contacts for upcoming publications that are focused on the specific issue. PR firms generally don’t do paid opportunities for their clients, but this is progressively becoming a great way to secure relevant and newsworthy editions. Maybe it won’t be the only way to secure coverage for PR effective programs, but sponsored content can be a great way to move the needle, secure mindshare, and control valuable brand messaging.”

Mostafa Dastras, PR coordinator, The Digital Project Manager said, “Email will gain popularity as a mainstream media outlet:  It’s vital for PR practitioners to know what media outlets would be trendy so that they could invest in them accordingly. Email is gaining popularity again. Not that it was by any means obsolete so far, but more and more business owners are convinced that sending newsletters has the highest ROI among other marketing channels. The reason might be that email content gives a sense of being curated rather than random. Considering the recent debate on the prevalence of misinformation and distrust on social media, most people prefer to consume their trusted sources of information in the environment they have control on, i.e. their inboxes. While social media might be considered a kind of pastime for most people, an environment largely comprised of half-hearted attempts by brands to gain popularity, email is getting more attention as a solid source of information. As a popular media outlet, email should be explored by PR practitioners. Being featured on a newsletter might not be as sexy as being featured on a top publication but the results would be extraordinary.”

Yogesh Jain, a digital marketer and author of “Selling Through Content” sayd that “We are seeing more and more traction towards B2B influencer marketing. While B2C brands like fashion magazines and fitness products have been already active with influencers, B2B companies like Microsoft are picking up on the opportunity. LinkedIn offers tremendous scope for businesses to get noticed by their clients through posts from prominent industry leaders. Moreover, bloggers and reviewers can help businesses get in front of a new audience. People often compare SaaS products before making a purchase and hence it’s important that companies ensure that their strengths are highlighted well on review sites.”

Sara Neumann, Director of PR with Nuvolum, a healthcare marketing and PR firm in the San Francisco area says that, “Live stream will be mainstream: Virtual events, podcast episodes, and social media live streaming is a trend we’re already starting to see more of, and we will likely continue to use digital communications as a tactic in 2021. Video representations of key messages are valuable in capturing your audiences’ attention. 

She also says that Competition between influencers will be tighter than ever in 2021. Pick niche influencers that have a large reach across multiple channels. Authenticity is KEY. Follow the influencer, see how they promote, notice the way they present other brands and products, and make sure they are the right fit for your audience.”

More to come about the year to come.

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