Top PR Agencies in South Africa

South Africa PR Firms

With the internet as a driving force for companies to become global, public relations is becoming more important than ever. South Africa is no exception. Here’s a look at some of the top public relations agencies in South Africa.


Media Services International

Located in Linden and Johannesburg, Media Services International is a small public relations agency with big goals and an impressive ambition.

Established in 1995, this company is staffed entirely by journalists with many years of experience. Their primary goal is to get their clients published in print media and aired on the radio and television. Another great attribute of this agency is that they train company executives in effective ways to communicate with the media and how to gain the full benefit from their communications. Their clients include CP van Zyl attorneys, Qualifications Verifications Services (QVS), and Debt Rescue.

Publicis Groupe

Publicis Africa Group

Part of the much larger Publicis Groupe, the Publicis Africa Group is paving the way for clients by striving to supply supreme understanding of the African consumer.

Launched in 2011, this business specializes in all facets of modern communication. With 51 partner groups in Africa alone, and 20 agencies outside of Africa, they can meet the needs of clients from across the globe.

Because Publicis Africa group is part of a bigger corporation, they have a very impressive client list including Adidas, Pfizer, Club Med, P&G, Samsung, Unicef, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and The Salvation Army.

c3 communications

C3 Communications

With five-star ratings across the internet C3 Communications has offices in the United States, Bulgaria, Guatemala, China and The Philippines making themselves a contender in the world on public relations.

C3 Communications is fully committed to their client’s brand. They offer experienced executives involved directly with clients every step of the way. Their focus, to build brand value with every telephone call, email, and web communication.

This firm specializes in consumer internet companies, financial services, consumer goods, healthcare and insurance, travel and hospitality, communications, the media, and utilities.

Worldcom Public Relations Group

WorldCom Public Relations Group

With 143 global offices in 95 cities spanning six continents, WorldCom Public Relations Group certainly lives up to its name. Established in 1988, this public relations firm has clients from 3,043 international brands. These brands bring in a remarkable $288 million in combined revenue.

On-demand access to in-depth communication expertise from specialized PR professionals is the company’s promise. These specialists understand the language, culture and customs of their geographic area, offering clients a personal experience.

This company shares expertise in the areas of brand building, digital and social communications, corporate communications, media relations, crisis and issues management, consumer communications, business-to-business communications, financial communications, public affairs, marketing communications, marketing research, creative design, and events.

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