Best Peru PR Agencies

Peru City

Peru is an amazing country with vast differences in elevations, climates, and scenery. It is no wonder some great PR work is done there for businesses as well as organizations, tourism and government. Here are a few of the firms working PR magic in the land of Machu Picchu.

Newlink Peru

According to Newlink, “Newlink sees velocity, transparency, participation and social awareness as the four fundamental elements to living in today´s world. This vision is reflected in every one of our solutions that successfully connect our clients to their objectives.” They work with corporations, governments, communities, multinational businesses, and public figures to accomplish their goals. They are especially proficient in digital solutions for PR.
Their headquarters are in Miami, but they have offices in Peru, Argentina, Central American, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Mexico. Some of their clients include Aero Mexico, Citi, Cancun, and Cisco.

Speyside Corporate Relations

Speyside specializes in emerging markets and multinational clients with cross-border efforts. They have offices in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, and the sub-Saharan Africa regions. Like many PR (and other) firms, they have a purpose driven theme. Theirs’ is the 5Cs – being connected, consistent, current, cohesive, and creative. As they say on, “The 5c’s are fundamental tenets of good client servicing that Speyside adheres to and works thoroughly to ensure they are held consistently and at the highest level.”

The Peru office has handled such clients as Blackberry, Visa, Virgin Mobile, SABMiller, Uber, and Genworth. Their Latin American offices have worked with clients including Facebook, Amgen, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Mars, and Alibaba Group.

Atrevia (formerly Inforpress)

They are a Spanish global communications consultancy with headquarters in Spain, and other offices in Brazil, Portugal, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico Colombia, Brussels, Washington DC, Mexico, and Chili. The have more than 25 years’ experience in PR as a firm and have recently changed their name to show the change in direction the company moves toward.

Atrevia specializes in developing design, events, audiovisual communication, research, and digital platforms. And they cover corporate, people, and brands. According to, they “enthusiastically provide our knowledge to companies with dreams and ambition, companies which try to communicate better with all their target audiences. We are dedicated to the idea that we are all part of a common project.” Some of their clients include TomTom, Avis, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Ecoembes. They have received many awards in the International areas including International Bronze Stevies, In2 Sabre International Award, European Excellence Awards, and Sabre Gold Awards Finalist.

Of course, there are other firms working in the area, Edelman, Porter Novelli, Havas and more have representation in Peru as well.

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