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MWW PR NewsMWW PR Washington DC Office Head Leaves

In an exclusive, Everything-PR News can report that Neil Dhillon who recently joined MWW PR to lead their Washington, DC office has now left the firm to lead the Washington office of a competing PR agency as a “Managing Director & Head of Public Affairs.” In an e-mail exchange, Mr. Dhillon would not name the firm which he had joined.

At Everything-PR we have reported previously on the questionable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics used – although we wish him success and do not feel he should be judged for an incident which took place 27 years ago. MWW PR has not yet replaced this head of their DC office.

Ogilvy PR: New Board created

 Ogilvy PR’s new board is tasked with leading the company with development ideas and advising the CEO and Executive Committee in all matters relating to innovation, growth, creativity, talent, and digital. Christopher Graves is the head of the new board.

According to PRNewswire “Stuart Smith, Global CEO, Ogilvy PR, announced the appointments: ‘Chris is one of our industry’s best disruptive thinkers. I know that, under his leadership, the Board will have a tangible and positive impact on our strategy.’” The board consists of 17 two-year members and the chair, 10 of the 17 represent offices in the U.S., and the others come from various locations around the world, using people from both Ogilvy PR and Ogilvy & Mather.

Sounds like a big company trying to be relevant – one wonders if “committees” create innovation.

cushman wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield appoints new Global VP and Director

Stephanie Murphy will operate out of the Chicago office in her newly created position of Vice President of Global PR. C&W is a top real estate PR specialist. Murphy will report to Brad Kreiger, who is the Head of Global Corporate Communications.

Ms. Murphy’s past experience includes working with LaSalle Management, a subsidiary of JLL, as their Global Director of Corporate Communications in both London and Chicago. She also worked at Penrose Financial in London, as well as Edelman PR previously.

Burson-Marsteller PR News

Burson-Marsteller makes Redskin’s snafu

The Washington Redskins have an official Twitter account @Redskins. There is a separate fan community account @RedskinsFacts, for fans who frequently chime in with their support about leaving the name of the NFL team as it is – liking the tradition. However, many Native Americans are not so favorably inclined, feeling the term is disparaging.

Here’s the problem, there was a post made by the @RedskinsFacts site recently that should have been made on the @Redskins official site. The error was caught quickly and the post deleted, then posted to the correct site. But not before it was seen by many, including a reporter from the Washington Post who re-tweeted it. Now what was discovered because of this snafu is the @RedskinsFacts site is not run by a community of fans, but instead by the Redskin’s PR firm, Burson-Marsteller.

As reported at, similar incidents have happened with official vs. personal or unofficial social media accounts. “Other examples include Vodaphone in 2010 when an employee posted an obscene tweet to its thousands of Twitter followers. In 2011, an American Red Cross employee who had been drinking accidentally posted a “rogue” tweet about #gettngslizzerd. The brewery mentioned in the tweet later took to Twitter asking its followers to donate to the Red Cross.”

EDITORS NOTE:  Our information on this story was wrong and we apologize to our readers. Mr. Dhillon left MWW PR a number of years ago and we apologize for the errors.  He has his own consulting company for a number of years.

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