Important PR Metrics and Measurements

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More than ever before, public relations professionals are under a lot of pressure from their clients to prove their return on investments. To be able to show clients that PR campaigns actually work, a number of agencies have turned to digital tools and vendors. 


One of the most popular, and most widely used software in the PR industry when it comes to metrics and measurements is Cision. Companies that have a global reach and target audiences across the entire world benefit from utilizing this tool because it allows businesses to get the best global snapshot.  

It has a very broad reach, and it recently announced a new company acquisition with a business that tracks various social media conversations, measures consumer sentiment, and counts brand mentions, and topics. 

Critical Mention 

Another popular tool with PR professionals is Critical Mention, which allows companies to analyze their media coverage and learn how they can increase that coverage. The company started as a vendor that was monitoring broadcast data, but it later expanded into monitoring social media platforms as well. Some of the metrics that companies can use with this tool include scores for voice, sentiment, audience numbers, as well as website traffic. 


With the help of Onclusive, companies can learn how many people have read a piece of content, took action on the company’s website, and more. One of the most popular metrics that this company offers to businesses is called the power of voice, which incorporates the number of mentions that a brand has across all media coverage, the reputation of the media outlets that have covered the company, and sentiment across social media platforms.  

These are some important factors that can help companies determine whether or not their promotional and marketing campaigns have been successful and received the right way by a target audience. It’s also incredibly helpful in helping shape future media coverage for a company. The company has managed to harness data from millions of different articles online, categorizing them with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as natural language processing technology, and adding meta-data from social media sources to provide context for those articles. 


With a customizable dashboard that allows users to keep track of the metrics that they care about most, Meltwater is another important platform for PR professionals that keeps track of metrics and measurements. The company has also expanded its features beyond monitoring social media, by gathering information on consumer intelligence, as well as social listening features. With this platform, companies can also distribute their own personal releases to media outlets and journalists, create influencer marketing campaigns, and create a database of journalists who have covered the company or who can potentially cover and talk about the business. 

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