City of Inglewood, California Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

City of Inglewood, California Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

The City of Inglewood, California is seeking a marketing and advertising company.

The City of Inglewood is undergoing an unprecedented period of renewal and redevelopment spearheaded by the current Administration, local stakeholders, and national business ventures that invested billions of dollars to develop locations within the City. Developments include refurbishment and reopening of the 17,500 seat Forum, which accounts for 37% of arena concerns in the greater Los Angeles area in just two years. The City is anticipating the opening of a state- of-the-art NFL football stadium to house the Rams, 290 plus acre mixed-used development and two light rail stations close to Los Angeles International Airport in 2019.

The City wants to capitalize on these exciting developments promoting a strong brand identity and increasing public awareness, nationally and internationally projects that will require a qualified firm for marketing, advertising and graphic design. The City of Inglewood is seeking, a professional marketing advertising and graphic design agency to produce a variety of print and digital marketing materials that may include: the City’s newsletter, e-mail templates, advertising, creative development, and other services as required.

The City is seeking professional marketing, branding, and communications services, including innovative, comprehensive and strategic planning. The City’s goals include expanding its brand, and building public awareness locally, nationally, and internationally to attract businesses, conferences, tourists, and investments within the City.

Services to include:

  • Market research, analysis, and counsel.
  • Advertising, conception, planning, design development, production and evaluation.
  • Evaluating and defining brands.
  • Identify and strategically reach out to a brand’s audience.
  • Launching effective brand campaigns.
  • Optimizing placements among domestic and international media markets, including minority markets.
  • Planning, designing and executing high-impact digital and Internet marketing strategies.
  • Submit project proofs to the City for final review within established deadlines.
  • Coordinating the project timeline, ensuring projects stays on track, and meeting required print and mailing deadlines.
  • Delivering design files to City’s designated printer.
  • Create graphics, use stock photography, and edit copy in order to fill the layout and create a visually appealing newsletter or marketing piece.

Proposal due by August 17, 2016 to:

Michael H. Tate
Acting Purchasing and Contract Services Manager City of Inglewood
One Manchester Blvd., (8th floor Purchasing Division) Inglewood, CA 90301
Email address:
(310) 412‐5364

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