Instagram ADs and the Power of Visually Strong Media

instagram ads

Whether you like it or not, we are in a visual society. The traditional advertising industry has long been in the business of providing images in conjunction with an ideal. However, the places that people are going for their images has changed.

Whether you are a small business or an international conglomerate, you should definitely understand that the new generation of people with expendable income, the so called “Millennials,” do not watch TV or listen to the radio. If you are looking to create a long term relationship with these people, then you need to be on social media, namely Instagram.

Like all other social platforms, Instagram has its stars. These stars are noted by the amount of followers that they have as well as the engagement that people have with their posts, noted in the form of “likes” and “comments.” What makes Instagram so special is that it is a completely visually based medium. There is very little room for text – even captions are not easy to include, although it is possible.

What Does this Mean for Your Company?

Savvy business owners have already started the process of monetizing the Instagram star. The best Instagram users already know how to take a great picture or short video that appeals to an audience. That audience is easy to track, and the engagement is easy to see. Follow any Instagram star and you will quickly find out exactly to whom they appeal and why.

With information like this, it is fairly easy to determine which Instagram star might be a good fit for your brand. All that is necessary now is to get in touch with the Instagram star and work out an advertising program.

Many Instagram stars are already way ahead of you: They fully understand the importance of visually strong media. Many of them found this out by complete accident – they were already “advertising” the products that they use in their daily lives. All of a sudden, they see their followers beginning to use the products that show up in their pictures. The smartest among them began to monetize this opportunity.

The Advantage of Instagram Influencers

The major advantage of doing business with an Instagram star is that you can create a near viral image of your product without having to pay over and over for exposure. TV ads require more money every two weeks for the network to continue to play it. With an Instagram star, the picture of your product stays up as long as Instagram stays up. Because it is owned by Facebook, it most likely will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Targeted media is the other reason why Instagram is so incredibly important to learn. People are only followed by those who truly love their personality. Finding the trends in the followers of an audience means that you can target very precisely the people that you want for your product. You can also test your product among many audiences to see where it might best fit.

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