Is Hiring Top Graduates Smart for Digital Marketing Agencies?

Is Hiring the Top Graduate the Best Move for Digital Marketing Agencies?
Is Hiring the Top Graduate the Best Move for Digital Marketing Agencies?

As the summer interns pack up their desks and head back to school, it’s time to start thinking about the college student and graduate programs and the quality of employees they are producing. Within every university, there is a group of dedicated students learning the craft of marketing and perhaps even dipping a toe into the fundamentals of public relations.

Without a doubt, the value of hiring a fresh-faced college graduate who is eager to get right to work and make an impact should not be underestimated. However, should the pile of resumes on the hiring manager’s desk solely consist of the most polished, accomplished individuals?

While a college graduate fresh out of school will have a shiny new education and plenty of determination to hit the ground running, there is also an argument one could make for seeking out those slightly less polished resumes.

These are the applicants with a bit more time around the block, more life experience. Perhaps they’re looking into a job change or even a career choice change. Or perhaps they spent some time traveling and are now looking for more stable work.

Whatever the background of the applicant who isn’t the head of the class may be, there is always value in taking a look. After all, don’t brands want to connect with consumers on a more personal and even intimate level? With the perspective and worldview of someone who’s been out in it, living, every day, this may be more naturally achieved.

This isn’t intended to disparage the college grad or the valedictorian. In fact, quite the opposite. This is simply a call to take a second look through that pile of applications and pick out a few of the individuals who may be a bit more seasoned.

Many will argue that those who obtain their college degree exhibit more discipline and determination, as some do not finish their college years or even choose to never begin in the first place. And while this may be the truth for some, it certainly can’t be said about all.

The goal here, for any agency looking to hire a strong team, is diversity. Certainly, an agency doesn’t want to hire a pool of individuals who all share the exact same views on every subject, right? This would make for some dismal strategy and brainstorming meetings!

Instead, add some flavor to the mix. Hire the best individuals for the job, not just the best resumes. Remember: anyone can achieve a certain GPA or a number of honors upon graduation. Not everyone can do so with personality or the ability to connect with and relate to people.

Often, the best marketers are those with the best people skills. And this absolutely makes perfect sense. Empathy and the ability to read behavior goes a long way for a digital marketing expert to truly be great at their craft.

The next time the hiring managers reading this article sit down to peruse the latest pool of applicants, take some time to read through some of the resumes who didn’t necessarily have the most accolades on them. You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of individuals you’ll find in that pile.

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