What are the Top Categories on Pinterest?

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With all the new social media networks or tools inviting brands to promote themselves, each promising spectacular results with little effort, it is getting harder and harder to choose the right communication channels with the best ROI for brands. Knowing which types of products perform better on which networks could help marketers, and those interested in joining or already present on image sharing network Pinterest should know that jewellery/luxury goods/accessories (22.8%), flowers/gifts/greetings (21.2%) and fragrances/cosmetics (20.1%) are top retail domains in terms of success on this channel.

Food (19.7%), another retail branch, and ecards (19.0%) complete the top five of categories with highest concentration of visitors on Pinterest according to a comScore study.

Gay/lesbian (18.8%), books, perhaps a surprising domain (18.7%), travel – transactions (18.6%), lifestyle – green (18.3%) and retail – coupons (18.0%) are the other five important categories.

Also present in the top 20 site categories are apparel, consumer goods, healthcare, home furnishing, toys, incentives, mall, religion/spirituality, hotels/resorts and shipping.

Retail definitely dominates the top with almost any important area covered. The top shows a potential for incentives – companies could try to find the best ways to use this trend. Travel seems to also benefit from an important focus among Pinterest users, as transactions are an item that made it to top ten, and hotels/resorts ranked 19 in this top.

As the network is mostly used by women, though it has male members as well, these areas of interest reflect women’s preoccupations – it is enough to take a look at the items on the top three places. The trend of the moment with going green is also present in this top and books also made it among the top 10 items of interest.

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