Isabella County Issues Marketing RFP

Isabella County Issues Marketing RFP
Isabella County Issues Marketing RFP

Isabella County is soliciting proposals for marketing services. Ideally, the marketing services will bring awareness to the Isabella County Veterans Affairs and the services it provides to veterans and their dependents by establishing an outreach campaign. The County’s selection process will rely on evaluations of the written responses to this RFP and any subsequent supplemental evaluation processes, such as requests for additional information, as may be undertaken by the County at its sole discretion.

The County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, and also the right to waive any formal defects in proposals when deemed in the best interest of the County. Further, the County reserves the right to accept a proposal higher in price than the lowest proposal, and to negotiate with any respondent concerning matters which the County determines require clarification or changes not in conformity with the specific requirements set forth herein.


The primary goal of the County Veterans Affairs office is to provide veterans and their dependents with assistance in obtaining benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Additionally, the office also assists veterans and their dependents with obtaining any State of Michigan and local benefits that they may be eligible for. To accomplish this, more of the community needs to be aware that these benefits exist, and that the Isabella County Veterans Affairs is here to provide such services.

Scope of Work:

Proposals for a marketing campaign should address the following objectives, which are not necessarily all-inclusive:

                1. Build a brand name for the Isabella County VA that can be easily identified by the veterans and the community at large.

                2. Provide a comprehensive marketing plan to increase awareness of the Isabella County VA and to encourage Isabella County veterans to fully access all of the services and benefits available to them. The successful marketing plan should include a variety of marketing and outreach materials to achieve these objectives.

                3. Provide design ideas, and ultimate development, of a VA display booth for use at resource fairs and expos.

                4. The marketing services must be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and specifically as it relates to governmental services.

                5. The proposal shall include the procedure to be used for testing and validation of the marketing services prior to its final endorsement.

                6. The proposal shall include a description of any training materials that will be provided to the   County for use by end users of the marketing services

Due Date:

July 3, 2019


Firms worth considering include Zeno Partner and Edelman PR.

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