Kaplow, Allison & Partners and More Public Relations Industry News

Kaplow, Allison & Partners and More Public Relations Industry News
Kaplow, Allison & Partners and More Public Relations Industry News

As more brands are driven to connect with consumers on a level that goes deeper than their wallets, marketing strategy is driven by alignment with authentic messaging. For this reason, we see a continued surge in new hires and new initiatives focused on influencer and consumer branding.

Public relations firms continue to move towards purpose-driven branding, and the recent uptick in data and analytic integration adds a new dimension to what services these agencies offer.

Kaplow Wants to Help Users Connect with Brands

Emotion is one of the pillars of any branding or marketing strategy, and it’s one that New York-based PR firm Kaplow Communications has capitalized on. Now, Kaplow has announced a new practice, KaplowPurpose, which is intended to connect brands with targeted consumers in a meaningful way. A brand that aligns itself authentically with the community or with a core value has much more value with consumers, particularly the younger generation. And so with its background in influencer marketing across niches such as beauty and wellness, Kaplow is positioning itself to be a stalwart authority with KaplowPurpose.

KaplowPurpose will help Kaplow’s clients reach consumers in a meaningful way, leveraging experience and data to create a unique and dynamic strategy.

Growth for Konnect Agency

Opening its fourth office in Denver, Colorado is next up for Konnect Agency, which currently serves clients out of offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin. Denver is likely to become a central hub for focusing on wellness-oriented food and beverage consumer products. Konnect Agency continues its growth with this expansion. The firm has solidified itself as a formidable presence, primarily focusing on lifestyle, food, and beverage brands as partners.  The Denver office is small but mighty, with just team members led by strategic manager Brandy Shuman.

China Lenovo PR Remit Goes to BCW

On the heels of a highly competitive PR agency review, the remit to work on tech giant Lenovo’s efforts in China has been awarded to BCW. The remit is estimated to be worth of over $3 million per year. While the bulk of Lenovo’s PR has fallen on longtime partner firm BlueFocus, Lenovo saw the value in assigning some of the responsibilities to a global firm with a strong Asian presence. The new partnership will posit BCW with two lucrative contracts, as they also hold a stake in Huawei’s public relations efforts.

Lenovo has recently gone through some internal struggles within the Asian market, including reduced sale numbers. Working with BCW, the company hopes, will help turn things around. Lenovo has also undergone recent staffing changes in an effort to get back on track.

Richeson Leaves MMC Digital for Allison+Partners

David Richeson, who last headed up digital and innovation for MMC Digital, has taken a new position as senior VP for Allison+Partners. Richeson had been with MMC for five years and left at the end of 2018. Richeson’s primary focus at Allison+Partners will be influencer marketing, user-generated content creation, and media relations, among others. His background with data and analytics will be useful as Allison+Partners looks to continue to improve its understanding and execution  of influencer strategies. 

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