Jewelry PR: The Best Jewelry Public Relations Campaigns Ever

Jewelry brands looking for PR help should deal with experts in fashion PR. Though differences between jewelry and clothing are apparent, many of the same contacts apply. Note, there is no season for jewelry, so designers can introduce a few new products several times a year keeping up-to-date with trends.

All items should be photographed in high resolution, and despite most jewelry showing better on a dark background such as deep blue velvet, the PR pictures work best using a white background. That’s because stylists want to know how a piece shows in the real world rather than an ideal setting. Stylists also decide on jewelry last when putting together outfits for clients or shoots. So when promoting jewelry, keep in mind the need for immediate action when requested.

Jewelry designers must stay current with the trends. Watching sites such as Pinterest, Etsy, and style magazines offer a view of current trends and innovations coming down the pipeline. For PR professionals interested in picking up jewelry clients, know the business. Know about the metals, gemstones, and what’s hot. Also, know what potential clients’ lines specialize in as far as designs or materials.

Jewelry is something everyone admires – it’s hard to resist shiny and glittery temptations. Here are four examples of smart jewelry PR from some of the leading brands:

De Beers Jewelry
De Beers Jewelry – A diamond is forever. This is the slogan of De Beers Jewelry, a company that has had an incredible impact on the consumer psyche since 1947. This was the year that De Beers implemented their famous “A Diamond is Forever” campaign.

Their campaign resulted in the practice of using diamond engagement rings as a sign of eternal love and commitment. The campaign was so successful, in fact, that we still practice this tradition today, and it has become iconic in American culture.


Timex – Broken jewelry happens – often, resulting in either the loss of a favorite piece forever or spending money for proper repairs. So Timex created a campaign focused on the durability of their products, becoming the most successful PR campaign in their history. The “It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking” campaign featured in ads and marketing from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

They put Timex watches through rigorous “torture tests” proving them almost indestructible, appealing to everyone wanting a timepiece that could take a beating. Add that to Timex providing a wide assortment of styles for both men and women all at a reasonable price. Winner.



Simmons Jewelry Co Going Green

Going Green – Many people want to help the Earth, inspiring the Going Green jewelry campaign for Simmons Jewelry Company – co-owned by Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Their PR campaign raises awareness of the diamond trade in Africa and how detrimental it is for the African people.

This all began because Simmons traveled to Botswana and South Africa to see how the diamond industry was helping people in those countries. Instead they learned the opposite – about how many were enslaved to serve the demand for diamonds by those with wealth and power, many never even visiting the countries where mines are located. So, they stopped using sparkling diamond jewelry. Simmons Jewelry Company now portrays green jewelry made from malachite and rough diamonds.

Diamonds are a girls best friend everything-pr
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Though not sponsored by a single jewelry company, this song has had more of a pop culture impact on jewelry than anything else. And numerous jewelry companies have used it for their advantage. Numerous big-name singers including Madonna, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, and Beyoncé have enjoyed performing it. The popularity of the song cemented diamonds as a cultural status symbol.

Public relations is a necessary part of the jewelry world – Long-term successful campaigns strike the balance of appealing to the consumer and showcasing the brands. Because they have stood the test of time, these are the best PR campaigns for jewelry companies.

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