JMPR Public Relations to Handle Media Activities for Freeline Sports

JM Public Relations

US action-sports company Freeline Sports, Inc. has hired JMPR Public Relations for its media relations outreach and initiatives. JMPR will be primarily responsible for continuing to grow Freeline’s visibility within the extreme sports, regional and national media markets. The company’s online visibility is rather poor, most likely JMPR will also be in charge of various social media campaigns and social networking via Twitter, Facebook and other networks that would foster potential buyers.

Whether JMPR is the right choice for such campaigns remains to be seen – we cannot judge the company’s strength in the field based on its weak social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Many PRs neglect their own accounts to better serve their customers. The most important thing is that Freeline seem to be confident in their choice:

“Based on my past experience with JMPR, I am confident in the agency’s ability to continuously deliver our messaging to consumers through various media mediums,” said Renee Tuzee, CEO of Freeline Skates, Inc. “JMPR will be a pivotal partner as we continue to expand our retailers and product line.”

Tuzee is familiar with JMPR, having previously worked together when she was VP of marketing at Vespa Scooters when they reintroduced the brand to the United States in 2002.

Freeline skates combine the elements of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, for athletes looking to push the envelope. These skateboard-like decks deliver the Next Ride™ with a challenging new way to carve turns, invent new tricks and have fun. Headquartered in Southern California, Freeline Sports, Inc. has distributors and riders in almost every major market around the world.

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