Celebrity Crisis PR: Katt Williams Caught Threatening to Kill

Katt Williams arrestedKatt Williams has been arrested and faces yet another crisis PR situation. The edgy comic with a rabid fan following known for describing himself as a pimp as well as with language we cannot publish here is once again allowing his life to mimic his onstage persona. Williams was arraigned last week for allegedly threatening to kill his bodyguard during an attack inside his home near Atlanta.

Read that again. Dude threatened to kill the guy he pays to keep other people from killing him. Strange? You better believe it. But this is not Williams’ first rodeo. More on that in a moment.

According to the police report, Williams threatened to kill the bodyguard while a friend beat him with a baseball bat. The bodyguard’s “crime” worthy of getting beaten? Refusing to engage in “some form of criminal activity.” The police haven’t said what this activity may have been, but that hasn’t stopped critics – and even some fans – from immediately concluding the entire situation is drug related.

That has yet to be revealed, but what we do know is Williams went right out and made bad even worse. The day after the alleged battery and threat, Williams was accused of attacking an employee at a pool supply store.

The charges against Williams are lengthy and include making threats, false imprisonment, aggravated assault and drug possession.

But here’s where the story takes a turn for the ridiculous and guarantees news coverage. Williams’ attorney says the “friend” who allegedly beat the bodyguard was a 90-pound woman, and the bat she used was a souvenir bat, not exactly a Louisville Slugger.

Regardless of the cartoon mental picture that calls us, deputies still found several guns and “large amounts” of marijuana in Williams’ home. Those findings could lead to some very serious charges against Williams. If he walks, he will have a lot more material – and credibility – to boost his pimp persona. However, this may be another situation in which a judge and jury can’t help but confuse a character with the person who plays him on TV.

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