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Petition Demands Investigation Into Political Bribery in Russia

Russia's Vladimir Putin at this week's Internet Entrepreneurship in Russia Forum - Kremlin

We the People recently launched a petition asking the White House to look into alleged political bribery involving exiled Russian businessman, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The petition claims he donated large amounts of money to U.S. Congress to condemn the “politically-motivated arrest, detention, and sentencing of Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev.”

Georgia Police in the Hot Seat After Killing Wrong Guy

William Powell Georgia Shooting

Police work is a difficult, dangerous profession. Pretty much everyone agrees with that, but when cops make a mistake, the stakes – both in life and public relations – can be very high. Trust is shattered as those who people assume will protect them are in the news showing they can be all too human. […]

Memphis Police to Launch Marketing Campaign

Memphis Police

The Memphis Police Department is searching for a firm to assist them with a marketing campaign in order to increase recruitment to the city’s finest.   The RFP seems to seek a kindler, gentler, smarter recruiter – instead of focusing on brute strength.  They seek “qualified applicants who are centered with honesty, loyalty, pride, respect, strength, […]

Volkswagen’s Four PR Firms & Their Ongoing Crisis


The latest emission scandal by Volkswagen severely crippled the company’s growth, shaken the trust of investors, consumers, and, as this article posits, leaves the entire brand of Volkswagen threatened. These are dark days for the company but also a opportunity for to rebrand the company with a new green initiative and more corporate oversight. Four […]

Top 6 Lobbying Firms for Q3 of 2015

Lobbying Firms

Lobbying firms are busy – no matter who is in power. Whether you deem their work as manipulation, oligarchical or “good business,” the fact remains that lobbying firms do not simply represent campaigns or clients in one business or legal context – they actually view the legal landscape of the community as a malleable thing, […]

Public Relations and White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime

White collar crime is high-profile: universally treated as scandals, breaches of the law occurring in the business world’s upper echelons, and subject to a high degree of attention and scrutiny by the media. Often portrayed in a negative light by major news outlets, those charged with white collar crimes appear guilty to the public well […]