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Public Relations: A Year in Review

2014 was an incredible year in the world of public relations. A number of organizations and individuals made a splash on social media, while others were shaken by scandal and tragedy. From the shock of the...

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Public Relations in the Legal Marijuana Industry

Unique challenges confront the legal marijuana industry. Following decades of government agencies demonizing marijuana, practitioners in the industry must communicate the value and safety of their newly legal product to target audiences. Before diving into...

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New Buffer Laws For Cyclists Response

A multitude of states have passed so-called “buffer laws” that specify the distance a motorist must keep away from a bicyclist while passing them on the road. California is one of the most recent...

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Ukraine Revokes Freedom of the Press for Americans?

Yesterday an American journalist working for Russian TV (RT) was deported from western Ukraine while covering new protests over Petro Poroshenko’s call to mobilize military there. Shelling civilian populations using US aid is nothing compared to abridging the very core of American ideals… the right to speak freely.