PR Week in Review from 5W PR’s CEO

2013-08-18 by Ronn Torossian
ronn torossian week review

Another week in the books – and another week naturally with plenty of headline news: While we as PR professionals spin the media constantly, sometimes indeed journalists have it much harder.  This week, at least four journalists were killed in Egypt.  The prestigious Washington, DC based National Press Club issued a strong statement on the issue "The killings and attacks on journalists in Egypt earlier this week were an egregious violation of international norms that uphold the media's right to conduct its work unmolested and without fear of violent reprisals," NPC Club President Angela Greiling Keane said. Interesting news that... Read More >

Is Porn a PR Problem for Vine?

2013-01-29 by EPR Staff

Twitter's video sharing app has been gaining a lot of media traction of late, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Vine, which allows you to share video on Twitter, pretty much the same way as you share images, owns its massive adoption to a glitch (?) in the TOS, that features no ban on nudity or porn. At number 8, where Vine lists its Restrictions on Content and Use of the Services, you'll only find the following: You may not post Content that: Impersonates another person or entity in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or... Read More >

Social Media Related Complaints on the Rise in the UK

2012-12-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

Social media, as any other tool, can be used both to help, and to hurt people. In the past four years, the number of complaints police received about alleged crimes that were linked to Twitter and Facebook increased by 780%. As a direct result, around 650 people were charged last year. In 2008, according to the statistics released by 29 police forces in England, Scotland and the Wales, there were only 556 reports filed with the police, whereas in 2012 there were 4,908 such reports. "It is a new world for all and we could end up in a situation... Read More >

Barclays: Will They Use PR Smoke & Mirrors Now?

2012-07-04 by EPR Staff
Is Barclays PR smoke and mirrors?

BBC's Nick Robinson calls it a "A Whitehall whodunit", and the rest of the world is split between wanting to string up bank executives and wondering if a crime existed at all where Barclays' worst ever PR nightmare unfolds. News today speaks of the bank's brand, and Omnicom-owned PR consultancy Portland - the mouthpieces supposedly selected to iron out the banks path going forward. If BP oil and other Brit nightmares shed any guiding light here, somebody had better go full transparent. Already, the shadowy involvement of this PR company stands to slant any public perception backward rather than forward... Read More >

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