KCSA Launches Investor Relations App

IR app screenKCSA Strategic Communications, a company specializing in investor relations, business to business public relations, social media and creative marketing services, has recently announced launching an investor relations application (“app”), The IR App, a turnkey mobile app available to all publicly traded companies.

The IR App (screenshot example featured left) allows any public company to create a customized app containing live data feeds with stock information, analyst coverage, news releases, SEC filings, corporate documents (fact sheets, presentations, etc.), videos, audiocast conference calls, upcoming events and company contact information, within two weeks time.

The app is managed through the KCSA proprietary secure contact management system made available to all customers who download The IR App. Users can upload files for instantaneous availability on their company’s customized IR App. According to a release by KCSA, this capability does not exist on any other investor relations-related application or mobile financial website.

“The IR App is a simple way for investors to keep abreast of critical company and stock information no matter where they are,” said Jeff Corbin, CEO of KCSA Strategic Communications. “It’s the next generation way of establishing transparency, building shareholder loyalty and expanding an investor following given the viral nature of apps and the ease of sharing them with colleagues and friends.”

Corbin continued explaining that The IR App reduces the financial burden faced by companies that need to create new apps, and requires no effort by a company or its IT staff to set up. However, The IR App is not an instant solution, needing at least two weeks to fully set up.

“In just a few weeks, a company’s customized IR App can be available to millions of investors for download,” Corbin explained.

The app is currently available on Apple’s App Store on the iPhone and iPad, and will be available for use on Android and Blackberry devices in the coming months.

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