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Launch IT PR logoAlternative Hydrogen Solutions will keep LaunchIt Public Relations on retainer to brand and introduce its HY-Impact line of fuel and emissions reducing products to various industries employing diesel combustion engines.

Using hydrogen as a catalyst, Alternative Hydrogen Solutions’ HY-Impact product line, is able to more effectively burn fuel with a 9-16% increase in fuel economy and significantly lowered emissions.

The process of electrolysis separates hydrogen from water and an exact amount of hydrogen gas is introduced into the engine combustion chamber.

HY-Impact has a patent pending on it’s CPU technology, which releases the correct amount of Hydrogen and protects the engine from moisture.

Susan Fall, founder and principal of LaunchIt Public Relations, shares her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

“This is a very exciting and compelling product for LaunchIt to represent…Fuel prices, air quality concerns, EPA regulations, along with increased awareness of the U.S. need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil are issues that are faced not only by the trucking industry, but our nation as a whole.”

LaunchIt is the exclusive agency for Alternative Hydrogen Solutions. For more information, please contact Susan Fall LaunchIt Public

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