How Lawyers Can Use Public Relations To Build Their Business

2015-07-01 by EPR Staff

lawyer public relations

There are many ways lawyers can use media relations to draw positive attention, in order to build their businesses… Here’s some key ways for lawyers to use PR to distinguish themselves:

Other attorneys are the center of your bull’s eye…

Okay, you know how to talk legal. You can use all the law school catchphrases and even consult your Black’s Law Dictionary if needed. But make sure you points are valid and on topic. Be sharp, concise, and logical. But don’t forget the passion in your presentation either. Of course, be aware of the topic. If you are discussing taxation or estate planning, your approach will probably be more conservative. If you are talking about the most effective courtroom tactics in your tool belt, then you’ll want a more aggressive approach.

Sharing information with potential clients…

Any blog posts or social media posts for this purpose should be informative and offer good information. If you are a family law expert, you might teach people about the process required to change a name or for an adult adoption. Use a conversational tone rather than more formal legal terms. Make your information easy to understand and something of value to readers. Don’t worry, you won’t be pushing work away. Most people don’t want to do the work themselves. But if you can take away the mystery of the process, they won’t be so afraid of moving forward when it is the right time for them. And they will remember YOUR expert information.

Niche-based media relations…

If you are an attorney specializing in an area that is not as much about the practice of law but more about facilitation of a process, then your media relations efforts should be focused on those areas. Possibly you have extensive gas and oil experience, and you help put together investment deals for clients. You might write about what personality types work best together or what investors should look for in oil and gas ventures. Whatever the niche, share your thoughts in easily understood ways. If you are only writing to sophisticated types in that arena, then use the terminology they know. But if you are teaching others then slowly help them learn the terminology for future use.

Whoever you want to attract to your work, remember to create your media presentations for them and what they will want and need to know. If you keep that in mind, it will take you a long way toward the successful completion of your goal.

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