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LEWIS PR launched today a new platform for building and publishing social media news releases and entire newsrooms. The platform, called LEWIS LIVE, is a WordPress-based template for creating SMRs and newsrooms, with built-in SEO tools (titles and descriptions), tagging, multimedia, sharing (on Twitter, with an in-built Twitter pitch, or vial other sharing options to Facebook, Google Buzz and other social media sites), subscriptions and all the features you’d expect from a WordPress blog, including comments fields. Newsrooms also include a feed of current conversations about your company, executive profiles, and feeds from event-sharing sites like Eventful or Upcoming.

LEWIS LIVE customers have access to analytics for their newsrooms, that reveal where their visitors are coming from and what content they’re most interested in. Also available analysis of individual SMRs. The newsrooms are completely customizable and branded with customer logo. LEWIS PR can either handle the ongoing management of your newsrooms, or give you full access, as you prefer.

All LEWIS LIVE clients receive a free newsdesk – where they can display their past releases, offer subscriptions to future news, provide media contact details and link to their social profiles.

All SMRs created and published via LEWIS LIVE are aggregated and can be accessed via the LEWIS LIVE portal. There is no mention whether SMRs published via LEWIS LIVE are indexed by Google News or other similar search engines, and after a basic search we concluded that they are not.

At the first review, LEWIS LIVE is not that different from pitchengine, PRX builder, MultiVu (of PRNewswire) or PRWeb. The main advantage I see with LEWIS LIVE is the branded newsdesk (example here), although companies could create their own sub-domains for this purpose, without having to host their news on third party sites.

However, if SMRs released with LEWIS LIVE are not indexed at least by Google News, the advantage for the customer is not all that great. We expect more from this platform in the future. As it stands, it looks very promising, but it’s just at the beginning of the journey. They still have some work to do to make this a real-value service.


  1. says

    Thanks for the thoughts on LEWIS LIVE, Liliana (and Mihaela). I’m Ian Lipner, one of the people working on the product for LEWIS.

    Totally agreed on the importance of Google News indexing, and a multi-author format which includes a news portal tying all the LEWIS clients’ news together was key to establishing the foundation for doing so.

    Specific features for automatically assuring the proper syntax and formats will be live very soon – within the first week or two. Getting the back-end to automatically standardize URLs for indexing is among the final automation steps and tweaks we’re putting in place right now for our clients’ complimentary News Desks.

    Again, thanks for taking a close look – stay tuned for more cool stuff from LEWIS soon.

  2. Mihaela Lica says

    Hm, with that URL structure the chance of getting indexed in Google news is not that great. First, for long titles the URLs are way too long. Look at this one: http://live.lewispr.com/solarflaresd/2010/04/23/solarflare-achieves-low-latency-network-performance-results-in-stac-benchmarks-with-cisco-catalyst-4900m-and-cisco-ucs-c200-m1-rack-server/ This is not an optimized URL. Then, all titles are links, this should be disabled. There are a few other things. If they fix everything, they should be accepted in Google News in no time. I mean, why would you offer such a service to your customers without at least this feature?

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