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About Lewis Public Relations

2015 was a milestone year for the award-winning global communications agency Lewis PR  Communications. 20 years ago, Global Chairman and CEO Chris Lewis founded this cutting edge PR agency in London catapulting it into an international company reaching revenues of $61 million globally in 2014.

Incredibly, when considering the firm’s acquisition of UK-based Purestone – a digital marketing firm – and EBA Communications in China, Lewis PR’s revenues are estimated to have increased 40 percent globally.

Lewis PR has 28 locations spanning the UK, the U.S., the EMEA, the Asia Pacific and is regionally headquartered in London, San Francisco, and Singapore. Also having a strong presence in the U.S. – Boston, Washington D.C., San Diego, and San Francisco – the agency’s revenues have reached nearly $27 million alone.

Early this year, the PR firm purchased digital market firm, Piston, based in San Diego. This acquisition is estimated to surpass $72 million in global revenues for the firm, inclusive of $37 million in revenues generated in the U.S. In total, the firm’s U.S. presence is expected to foster approximately 51 percent of Lewis PR’s global revenues.

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Lewis PR Clients

Lewis Public Relations represents over 300 clients worldwide. This is because Lewis PR’s uniqueness in client communication strategies stems from founder and CEO Chris Lewis’ talent and skills as a former journalist. As a journalist, Lewis was on the receiving end of PR and communications. He turned his journalistic perspective into creating a service that was quicker, more creative, and more international from the start.

Lewis’ journalistic tone has created a core philosophy throughout the firm that every campaign be a creative, storytelling perspective. Delivering content based on global news stories creates opportunities for communicating brands. Content has been the foundational core of every client brand campaign the firm launches – whether B2B or B2C.

Lewis PR

Company Growth & Leadership

Lewis’ is owned by a continually growing employee partnering group, and this has allowed the agency to think and reinvest long term in its talented human resources. According to Lewis, if an existing or potential client is in need of a service or a location that the firm has not expanded into – “we either build or acquire it.”

Their employee partnership group is now 600+ strong globally – having increased an average of 28 percent every year since 1995.

Executive Vice President, Morgan McLintic, projects the development of future digital channels of PR and communications will enable the agency to discover unlimited, new, international marketplace opportunities. McLintic surmises, “Clients are devoting more resources to that area [digital channels], including social media marketing and Web development.”

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