Lobbying RFP Issued By Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority


The Lobbying Contractor shall represent LYNX before the US Congress, Congressional Committees, and federal agencies, including US Department of Transportation, Federal Transportation Administration (FTA), United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (DHS/TSA) and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). The goal of such representation shall secure legislation and federal funding for Programs and Projects that have been identified by LYNX as priorities. This Scope of Services (SOS) outlines the requirements to provide LYNX Federal Lobbying Services as specified herein.


The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (“LYNX” or the “Authority”) is an agency of the State of Florida, created by the Florida Legislature to own, operate, maintain, and manage a public transportation system in the areas of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. The Authority’s enabling legislation (Florida Statutes Section 343.64) has the express intention “that the Authority be authorized to plan, develop, own, purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, demolish, relocate, equip, repair, maintain, operate, and manage a regional public transportation system and public transportation facilities; to establish and determine such policies as may be necessary for the best interest of the operation and promotion of a public transportation system; and to adopt such rules as may be necessary to govern the operation of a public transportation system and public transportation facilities.” In 1993, the Authority began doing business as “LYNX”. LYNX serves approximately 2,500 square miles with a resident population of

2.1 million people. Fixed route bus service operates from 4:00 AM to 3:00 AM each weekday and provides more than 25 million unlinked passenger trips each year. A five-member board of directors governs LYNX, which board consists of representatives from Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties, the City of Orlando, and the Florida Department of Transportation. LYNX provides an array of transportation services in the form of fixed route bus services, door-to-door Paratransit services, carpool/vanpool services, flex-route services, limited-stop bus route services, rapid bus circulators, and community shuttle service to special events.

Scope of Work:

The Lobbying Contractor shall be an established, experienced organization with a strong history of representing large urban Transit Agencies to the U.S. Congress, Federal Agencies and the White House to secure federal funding and influence the enactment of beneficial legislation on the behalf of its clients. The Lobbying Contractor, however, shall not currently represent entities that may compete with LYNX for DHS/TSA, FEMA or FTA funding, grant seeking or legislative initiatives, nor shall the Lobbying Contractor engage in representing those competing entities during the duration of the resulting contract

Explicit responsibilities of the Lobbying Contractor shall include:

A. The Lobbying Contractor shall identify and devise strategies to successfully secure Federal Funding for the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (d/b/a LYNX) – including transit demonstration projects, grants, technical assistance, planning and design, infrastructure, and services – in numerous areas, including:

• Department of Transportation (DOT) and General Government

• Department of Homeland Security (DHS): including Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

• Federal Transportation Administration (FTA)

B. The Lobbying Contractor shall represent LYNX before the US Congress, its Committees, and Federal Agencies that are beneficial and identify and oppose harmful measures.

C. The Lobbying Contractor shall represent LYNX, advocate positions, and provide both Analysis and Updates on issues concerning the status of Federal Legislation and Rules affecting Transit in general and LYNX in particular rendering advice, opinions and strategies in the implementation of a Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (d/b/a LYNX) Legislative Program.

D. The Lobbying Contractor shall work closely with the LYNX Director of Government Affairs and the LYNX Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who shall communicate to the LYNX Board of Directors the priorities and provide background information and data to assist the Lobbying Contractor in advancing LYNX’s priorities and efforts.

E. The Lobbying Contractor shall provide the LYNX Director of Government Affairs monthly written Reports and Phone briefings as necessary.

F. The Lobbying Contractor shall travel to Orlando, Florida, upon written request from the LYNX Director of Government Affairs, at most twice (2) a year at their own expense to attend Meetings with applicable staff. LYNX shall establish the Agenda for such meetings.

G. The Lobbying Contractor shall have an Office located in the District of Columbia.

Specific activities and Deliverables by/from the Lobbying Contractor shall include the following:

A. Perform as a lobbyist for LYNX, managing the activities in accordance with LYNX direction, of all of its personnel hired in the capacity of providing lobbying services.

B. Work with the LYNX Director of Government Affairs to secure sponsors for proposed Bills and/or Amendments to Federal Law.

C. Attend Meetings (including, but not limited to, Legislative Committee Meetings and Sessions) where Legislative issues of importance to LYNX are being discussed.

D. Attend Federal Agency Meetings, when necessary, to monitor rule making proceedings.

E. Provide the LYNX Director of Government Affairs with written Weekly Updates on Issues of Importance to LYNX during Sessions including Calendars of Hearings and Meetings discussing Transit Issues, and providing LYNX with After-Session Reports.

F. Provide the LYNX Director of Government Affairs with monthly written Summary of Legislative Activities on behalf of LYNX.

G. Travel to Orlando, Florida, on two (2) Annual Required Trips at Lobbying Contractor’s expense.

H. Pursue major funding opportunities and investigate other opportunities. Lobbying Contractor shall research and provide information to LYNX on existing and emerging Legislation, availability of funding, distribution of funding, techniques to be used by LYNX to capitalize on opportunities, and examples of successful Federal Government applications.

I. Focus on criteria setting for eligibility, which may include replacing or modifying existing rules.

J. Monitor Legislation and forward pertinent information to the LYNX Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the LYNX Director of Government Affairs.

Due Date:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2021 @ 2:00 PM E.S.T.


Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority

455 North Garland Avenue Orlando, FL 32801

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