Lobbying RFP Issued By Maine County Commissioner Association

Lobbying RFP Issued By Maine County Commissioner Association
Lobbying RFP Issued By Maine County Commissioner Association

The Maine County Commissioner Association (MCCA) is requesting RFQ/RFP (Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposal) submittals for State Lobbying Services. The requirements for submitting a quotation are stated in the form. Presently, the MCCA represents 15 of the 16 Maine counties; Franklin County is excluded from these services. 

Scope of Work:

The MCCA requires an Entity to lobby the Maine Legislature on its behalf. The MCCA is searching for an Entity (individual or firm) to perform these Services starting in October and extending for the remainder of 2020, and then providing regular lobbying services for the 2021 Legislative Session. The MCCA will evaluate the work of the Entity and decide whether to extend the engagement into future sessions. The Entity shall work under the direction of the MCCA legislative Committee reporting to its Chair and the President of the MCCA.  

The Entity will actively and continuously lobby the Maine government to assist the MCCA in several key areas including, but not limited to, the following:   

• Public safety, Law enforcement and Jails  

• Registry of Probate and Deeds 

• Emergency Management 

• Public Labor Policies 

• Tax policies  

• Telecommunications and broadband 

• Economic development 

• Unorganized Territories 

• Planning and land use 

• Other MCCA Board priorities.

The Entity shall also:  

• Maintain liaison with the leadership of the Legislature 

• Assist with County Delegation Meetings 

• Facilitate relationships between state officials and MCCA representatives 

• Review state executive proposals, legislation under consideration, proposed and adopted administrative rules and regulations, and other developments for the purpose of advising the MCCA of issues that may have a bearing on the MCCA’s policies and programs 

• Identify and aggressively act to obtain funding for the MCCA, including grant opportunities in addition to seeking direct appropriations that may be available for the MCCA 

• Develop briefing materials and talking points (may include written testimony) for Legislative meetings and discussions with state officials 

• Review on a continuing basis all existing and proposed state policies, programs, and legislation. Identify those issues that may affect the MCCA or its citizens, and regularly inform the MCCA on these matters. Provide legislative expertise and consulting services 

• Alert the MCCA to potential new opportunities that will further the MCCA’s interests and to posing threats that could negatively impact the MCCA’s interest 

• Provide written monthly updates and quarterly status reports on the entity’s achievements as they relate to the goals and objectives set forth in the MCCA’s legislative programs 

• Confer with the MCCA’s Legislative Committee Chr and Executive Corp on preparation and implementation of legislative agendas


The term for any contract resulting from this quotation (RFQ/RFP) is for one (1) year. The contract may be extended for as many as four (4) additional twelve (12) month periods, for a total of five years, provided that both parties agree and funds are made available for this purpose.

Due Date:

12:00 pm, August 13th


4 Gabriel Drive, Suite 2, Augusta, Maine

Agencies worth considering include APCO Worldwide and Edelman PR. 

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