Lowe Partners Israel CEO Calls Israel’s Prime Minister “Satan”

Lowe Partners Israel CEO Calls Israel’s Prime Minister “Satan”

–  Reuveni Pridan IPG Accused Of Racism & Incitement –

Udi Pridan,CEO of Reuveni Pridan IPG, the Israel office of Lowe and Partners has attracted controversy with charges of incitement and racism, with headline media coverage throughout Israel this week.

On Monday, Pridan conducted an interview where he referred to Israel’s democratically elected Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu as “Satan.” According to media reports, Pridan said, “In my mind, Bibi is the devil, an evil man, dishonest, a troublemaker, and a schismatic.” He was also accused of racism for saying that Jews from Arab nations suffered from an “inferiority complex.” Pridan noted that the election was decided by “people who wear sweatpants outside” or people who have “given up” or those who are “frustrated and accepting.”

The ruling Likud Party referred to Pridan’s commentary as racism and incitement.

Israel’s largest newspaper, Israel Hayom wrote an editorial which said, “The truth is that Pridan is not even a doomsday prophet. All he is doing is stomping his feet like a child and wishing evil on anyone who didn’t give him what he thought he was promised. He sounds like a child who didn’t get his chocolate bar saying “I wish you were dead.”

Lowe and Partners did not return an e-mail requesting comment on whether Pridan will be terminated, or remain in his position.

Pridan noted, “I never leave Tel Aviv, and I never will.” No word yet on whether than represents Lowe & Partners or only Reuveni Pridan IPG.

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