Marketing Advice for Shopify Businesses

shopify marketing and advertising

There are plenty of strategies businesses on Shopify can use to market themselves to their target audiences and generate more revenue. With the help of a Shopify marketing strategy businesses can attract more customers, retain the existing ones, improve their loyalty, and generate more brand awareness.


One of the most powerful strategies that any company can use to promote itself is word-of-mouth marketing, and one of the best ways for Shopify businesses to achieve word-of-mouth marketing is through a referral program. With the help of a referral program, businesses can easily generate a lot more brand awareness with potential customers because these types of programs have a snowball effect in terms of brand awareness. That’s because when one person starts referring the business to at least two other people, then each one of those people starts referring the business to two new people in their social circles, the brand awareness generation is incredible and the business can reach a large audience.

Furthermore, one of the reasons why word-of-mouth marketing efforts are the most effective at promoting a business is because any recommendation that comes from friends or family members is going to be a lot more authentic to potential customers compared to any sort of promotional efforts that come directly from businesses. That means with the help of a great referral program companies can generate brand awareness as well as more trust in their brands. To create a successful referral program, companies will need to give customers a reason to refer to the business, and one of the best strategies for Shopify businesses is to provide the customers with discounts. However, businesses can also provide their customers with other types of incentives such as free products, giveaways, free shipping, and any other interesting and exclusive perks that they might be interested in.


One of the first things that any customer wants to see before they make any sort of purchasing decision is the reviews of the things they want to purchase. Without any reviews, most customers tend to struggle to put any faith in a business or its solutions. That’s because reviews are a big trust signal for customers, and when a business makes them visible and prominent on the checkout or product pages, they can directly impact sales.

Through positive customer reviews, over 90% of potential customers tend to make purchasing decisions with a business. However, even if a specific solution doesn’t have great reviews, the reviews that it does have still provide other potential customers with very valuable first-hand information about the solution that most customers want to know. In fact, even negative reviews can help businesses generate more trust with potential customers.

The only downside to reviews is having no reviews whatsoever, which often makes potential customers question the legitimacy of the business or its solutions. That’s why it’s important for businesses to always add reviews to the checkout and product pages. Businesses also need to encourage past customers to leave reviews after they’ve completed a purchase and even incentivize customers that haven’t left their reviews in different ways, such as by providing them with a discount or a giveaway.

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